December 29, 2010

candy cane Twain

My little candy cane Twain is now 20 months old. I bought his striped shirt a few months ago
and could not wait til Christmas so he could wear it.

Every time I see his little toddling tush walk by I smile ear-to-ear and call to John, "Do you seeeeeee what Twain is dooooing? Isn't it cuuuuuuuuute??"(Basically all the kid has to do is walk by with his little flipper feet floppin on the ground and I'm a puddle).

Twain is just funny because he tries to talk and be big...but he's small and has an adorable little squeaky nasally voice.

This baby(and by baby I mean youngest...the youngest is always baby regardless of age) is such a little know it all.

Everything is prefaced by "No thank you"...such as "no thank you diaper" if I try to change his diaper. And sometimes he's extra polite and will tag a please on the end. "no thank you diaper please".

He's an instigator. He and "Ayya"(Ollie) bicker and fight all day. Like they have full on arguments.

Ollie: "we're home
Twain: "NO. Not home".
Ollie, flipping out. "We're home!!!!"
Twain: "No, no home"
and on and on they go.

Or Ollie will push Twain and Twain will scream and shake his finger saying "Naughty Ayya push!" He is too much.

But they are also best of buds.

Twain likes to sit at the dinner table and blend in with his brothers. "Hi mommy!" or "Hi dada" he declares nonchalantly from his chair, as we walk in, as if he was just one of the boys.
Or sometimes he says "Hi dadas", when he's on a pluralizing kick.

Still loves his kitties and walks around carrying as many as his arms can hold.

He is so happy-go-lucky. Easy and smiley most of the day. But determined and will tell me what he wants.

Every day I thank God for Twain...he's such an amazing little blessing that makes me smile nonstop. Even if I am feeling frazzled, all I have to do is glance his way and I am instantly cheered.

I love this little munchkin from the bottom of my heart.


  1. Fabulous photos Davi! Your baby is precious.

  2. Oh my word he is adorable! You have the best photography skills. Every photo is see I think, 'oh that's the best!' and then the next one is just as great. What cool skill to have as a mamma.

  3. Great pictures of him D! He really is so dang cute-- I love the way he just walks around happily doing his thing- such a happy go lucky little kid!

  4. I can't even stand it.
    you need to stop :)

  5. Ohhh I just want to eat him up! Posts like this make me excited for having lots of kids and getting to celebrate each one. You are such a poster girl for how having more kids makes your heart grow and grow (my huge fear of not loving my other kids enough needs to see this!).
    What a darling post!

  6. he's so cute!!! i love the pics too...and i'm still obsessed with your christmas tree :)

  7. I love me some stripey baby! Lovely blog update! It looks amazing. Someone's been having fun with her Photoshop. :)

  8. I love your gnome and fairy costumes! Are you guys ever cute?! And that Twain makes me want to have another boy. :)

    So, I saw your hubby at Target today, and of course, he has no idea who I am, so it was kind of like seeing a celebrity, and I said to my friend Catherine, "OH! I read his wife's blog!!" And she's like, "Hi, John, how's Davi?" and starts chatting it up. Because she's cool enough to actually KNOW celebrities like you guys. ;)

  9. SO adorable! Love the new blog style-- rounded edges, collages,signature. Super cute!

  10. Yep, seriously...I think you need to stop posting pics of your adorable boys...I might steal them...just the small ones, I mean! :)

    Just sweetness Davi! I could just pinch him!

  11. super precious!! i love his hat too. where did you get it? i've been looking for one like that for my little one. all of his keep falling off his head and don't cover his ears.

  12. These pictures just capture Twain's personality and cuteness. You are truly blessed. His eyes are so stunning but the picture with him looking down with long eyelashes is adorable. Love to all your cute guys and you. Happy New Year!

  13. He is a precious precious boy!! Love the new design on the site!

  14. Autumn-you WILL go gaga over baby #2! I just know it!

    Amanda-HAHA, you are so funny. Trust me, I am just an average joe. my friends and family would snort at the thought of me being anything more:)

    Brittany-His hat is by American Apparel!

    thanks all:)

  15. i want moooooore of candy cane twain! moooore! moreee!

    p.s. look at YOU with your fancy pants signature :) & your updated gnome blog! AHH! i love it! you are so dang cute. CUTE I TELL YOU!