December 12, 2010

a boy and his cast

Though I wish Calvin did not break his wrist, there is something so cute and boy-ish with him in his tough black cast.

The first day or 2 in the cast, Calvin was still in a little bit of pain.

But he rarely even complained unless I asked him if it hurt.

He has been an amazing trooper. Grandpa Billy had a white pen and so a few of us signed his cast over Thanksgiving.

One week after his cast was on, we had to get another x-ray just to make sure his bone was healing properly.

So we went back to the hand specialist, Dr. M.

Dr. M is supposedly an amazing and skilled surgeon, but I was warned that he was a bit absent-minded when it comes to bedside manners.

After viewing Calvin's follow-up x-ray, Dr. M comes back into our room and just kind of looks at us.

After a while he kind of says "Welp, mm hm...keep him in the cast... it should heal on its own..."

I raise an eyebrow.

"Should heal?" I question.

And then he mutters something about it being bent.

I raise another eyebrow.

"Bent?" I question.

"Yes, it's slightly bent because of how he fell backward. How old is he, 5? If he was 13 I would re-break his arm and re-set it with pins".

By now my eyes are bulging.

"Re-break and re-set with pins?" I manage to squeak out.

"Um yes, we could re-break his arm and set it with pins, but I don't think it would make much of a difference in how it heals. "

I don't think I looked entirely convinced, so he went on discussing how kids grow fast and things usually straighten out on their own.

Finally he said, "If it were my son, I would proceed the same way. I would keep him in the cast for a few more weeks and would let it heal on its own. Don't worry about it. It's my job to worry about these things."

Once he said that, I was satisfied with our course of action. If he would do this with his own son, it was good enough for me.

Still I walked out of the office a bit shaken.

But convinced that we were doing the right thing. Keeping him in his cast for a few more weeks and letting it heal on its own. And I decided not to worry about it for a second longer!

We will go back later this week to check on things. In the meanwhile, we are busy trying to get into the Christmas spirit around here!


  1. Goodness. Gracious.
    CUTEST KID EVER! Well...your other boys are the cutest kids ever too.
    Happy healing!!
    mrs boo-boo

  2. oh my..that just makes me so sad that he is hurt :(

    Glad he has a good momma and doc!!!

    I pray it all turns out and heals great,..I think I would have fainted if they had to re-break it!!!

    I'm loving those shoes!!!

  3. What a little trooper! Isn't it funny how different kids are? The slightest little thing sends some totally over the edge and on others it's "what ever". You're Christmas cards are amazing. Merry Christmas!

  4. Someone needs to give that doc some coaching! =) I would have been freaking out! Love the cast look - so cute, but hope it heals perfectly and quickly!

  5. Sweet dear boy, he looks so stinkin cute. I am just impressed how he can still do flips over couches WITH his cast on LOL Such a boy, love him =)

  6. He is SO cute in his cast!!!

    Your Christmas card made me laugh out loud!

    Miss you friend! Maybe we can finally get together and catch up after Christmas!

  7. Aw, too bad his arm is broken. I had 3 different casts as a kid. I got hurt a lot. Lets home he's luckier than I was. i was a total clutz.

    Your christmas tree is beautiful as is your home!

  8. that calvin. he's a stud. those pictures of him are too sweet. and that little black cast is pretty cute too. don't tell him though. he'd prolly knock me a good one with it if he knew that. :)

  9. poor guy. :( But that little cast sure is cute.