March 30, 2011

Dharma and Greg.

When John and I were in college, my friend Emily said to us "you guys are like Dharma and Greg".

Very indignant, I replied, "I look nothing like Jenna Elfman!" Because, clearly, I look NOTHING like Jenna Elfman, the actress that plays Dharma.

"No, no, no" Emily explained. The way you and John act together reminds me of Dharma and Greg..."

"Huh", I said, a little stumped.

However as the years go by, one after another, after another, I think she's right.

John, like Greg, is completely professional, organized, perfectly precise, reliable and sweet. Plus, they both like to wear ties.

I, like Dharma, am completely flighty, and am becoming increasingly nutty and crunchy as the years rage on, haha.

My perfectly poised husband has gone along with many of my quirky ideas over the years and has been quite the gentlemen every step of the way.

Today we are celebrating another fabulous year together! It's our 15 year milestone!(we married young:)

In honor of our anniversary, here are the top 10 things I love about you, John(in no particular order).

10. You willingly accompanied me to Santa Cruz to check out a super cool homeopathic doctor...whom you lovingly refer to as 'the witch doctor', and call her remedies 'eye of a newt' & such.

9. You win house-boy of the year with your mad cooking and cleaning skills. Hands down, you make the best kale and Spanish rice, ever.

8. You love to read books on marriage and listen to radio shows on the topic all the time. It's pretty darn cute if you ask me.

7. You are so good at handling our money. Even calling business meetings at our kitchen table, where you highlight the areas where 'we could be doing better'. And you religiously teach our boys how to save, spend and give.

6. The way you smile at our boys when they do something you find irresistibly adorable. You are the most amazing father ever. Everyone says so.

7. How stubborn{resolute} you are. I love that you are not wishy-washy.

8. You are surprisingly social and absolutely love to have people over. You are always happy to attend any event and you love it when the boys have friends and neighbors over too.

9. You fill up my gas tank when it's getting low. And you always do the icky dirty jobs around the house, without me having to ask you.

10. You are SO calm and laid-back. You perfectly balance me out, since I can be pretty neurotic, especially while raising your 4 strapping lads!

I thank God for you and feel so honored to be your wife. I love you honey!