April 1, 2011

we still call him baby.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named libby. She lived in a land far, far away. One day, she moved across the country, and settled down in a quiet little town. She moved next door to 4 little boys.

One day she peeked her little blond head over the wooden fence while the little boys were playing.

Having never seen such a sight before, the little boys went wild.

Their mother had never ever seen her boys act so silly!

The little boys made up a crazy dance that has now been coined "the dancing noodle".

"dancing noodle, dancing noodle!" they cried loudly.

Every time the little girl would pop her tousled blond head over the fence, the little boys went crazy.

Until one day they met and became very good friends.

Now they play together almost every day and the little boys have grown quite accustomed to this peculiar thing, called a girl.

Even the littlest one in the family of 4 boys, knows this girl.

He calls her 'livvy'. Well, mostly he calls her 'livvy-Ty' because she is most often accompanied by her brother named Ty.

Whenever the littlest boy sees her playing in the backyard, he cries through the french door, "Livvy-Ty! Livvy-Ty!"

And the girl named libby loves to pick up the littlest boy and tote him around the backyard, like he is her baby.

And the littlest one goes along with this mothering, with a funny little look on his face.

Well, the littlest boy and the girl make a good little match.
She likes to baby him...and he tolerates being babied quite well.

One day libby's mom saw the littlest boy and said "Hi Twain!" And the little girl corrected her mother and said, "He is not called Twain. They call him baby".

It is true.

They do call him baby. The daddy of the family started it. Whenever the daddy comes home from work he says to his littlest boy, "baaay--by". And it stuck. Now everyone else in the family calls him baby too.

In fact, this littlest of boys also refers to himself as 'baby'.

"Give it to baby" he says, when he wants the ball his brother is holding. Or, "don't push the baby!" he clucks.

Even though the littlest boy is now walking and talking, they still call him baby.
He is the youngest and so he might be called baby for a very, very LONG time.