April 22, 2011

Two Selmas

We recently got to celebrate the birthdays of TWO Selmas in our family.

My cousin Jamie's baby Selma just turned one!

Such a precious little peach of a doll.

She had an adorable french 'Marie Antoinette' party.

Love her feathered hair piece.

All the little cousins were there.

Sister Jessica's little girls. The skirts, I die.

Little pointed toesies, I die again.

My little niece Ansley kept saying how nice cousin Jamie was...apparently bright pink lipstick + pink shoes = very nice! The way to a 4-year-old, I tell you!

Selmie and Tweetle with their fuzzy little heads.

Tea, Oliver?

Twin Hayley flew in from New York just to be here. She is Selmie's 2nd mommy:)

Snuggling with her grandma and two mommies.

My Uncle Pat{also Selmie's Grandpa}

Eat your cake Selmie! Check out the progression of these shots...

The dread. Oh the horror.

Hilariously dramatic. Poor Selmie.

My, my there is a lot of pink on my blog today.

Do you think 'take 2' went better?

Oh, we think so!

Happy Birthday little angel!

And just to prove that I was indeed there...somewhere...

The following weekend, we got to celebrate my Grandma Selma's 80th birthday at a quaint french restaurant, Le Chene. I don't know who we think we are, gallivanting to these fancy places! But I am not complaining.
Ha, I just now realized that baby Selma's party was french too! Maybe I should learn french, parlez-vous francais?

Grandma Selma is a hoot. She said "look how fast I can get up" and then she dropped to her knees and stood back up at the speed of light. "I don't do this in front of my old lady friends or they'll give me the kina hora(yiddish for evil eye)", she said. HAHAHA. Love you Grammy. Hope I am that agile at 80!

Her life reads like a Seinfeld episode, LOL. Lived in New York most of her life, then migrated to Florida.

She calls me 'Davala', even though my name is just Davi.

People always ask me "Is Davi short for anything?" To which I respond, "No, it's just short"(Oh I think I'm so clever).

Grandma Selma's sister, Aunt Terry, came all the way from New Joisy(New Jersey for the rest of you folks).

And hailing all the way from Puerto Rico...Uncle Allen, Aida and 2 kiddos Harris and Jamie!

It was soooo good to see them again!

There was also a special new addition to the family 9 months ago...

Baby Jake. He's preeeeeeeecious. Those bright eyes are just darling!

He belongs to my cousins Jared&June and big brother Luke!

Ok, that was a lot of photos posted, and if you can believe it, most of my immediate family escaped my camera...I don't know what's up with that. I should be fired.

Or my little sister Lindsay should be hired...at least I managed to sneak a shot of her.
It felt so good to be with the whole family again. I love them all so much.