July 11, 2011

diaper and deck.

Loriloo and I got to work together a LOT in planning the big 3-0 for the adorable Katygirl.

The people throwing the party always have the most fun, in my opinion.

Lorie and I have thrown showers and parties together before and we usually have different ideas regarding the decor, LOL. Too many chefs in the kitchen...or something like that. Anyhow, we both marveled at how well we worked together this time. We joke that we must have finally worked out our kinks, hahaha. Love it. Love her. Hi Lorie, if you are reading this!

One of my main jobs for the par-tey was the flowers and such. With the help of Alyssa over at Woodland Dreams, we were in billy ball heaven. Thanks SO MUCH ALYSSA!!!! You rock! Seriously, I love Alyssa. She needs to be wedding/party planner.

As I was arranging billy balls and napkins, I noticed a certain someone climbing all over Lorie's blue and white suitcases.

Seriously, Lorie brought over everything but the kitchen sink to my house.

She even dragged over her phone booth. Wild horses could not stop this {crazy}girl.

My twinkie doodle dandy found her suitcases to be irresistible.

And of course, I found my little person to be quite irresistible sitting there as happy as a clam. I can't get anything done when he is around. I just want to grab him and munch on those chubby cheeks.

I just had to post these photos because they are probably the last photos of Twain in a diaper.

Sniff. Sniff. I'm gonna miss those cute little diapers.

Um that would be false. But I had you going there for a minute, didn't I?

After 8 years straight of diapers, our budget could use a break.

Ok, back to Katy's party.

I know these photos have already been posted, but I wanted my dad to see the deck's first dinner party!

Dad and John built this deck by the sweat of their brows over many blazing hot summer days and I just want them to know how much we are enjoying all their hard work.

The British flag bunting you see in the background was designed by Lorie. Olive Oyl and I were her little worker bees. And we provided occasional input and much good company:)

I love the way she did the top of the bunting. Lorie tied together strips of {ripped}fabric and trim and then hot glued them to the bunting flags. This little 'rip & strip' method for the top of the bunting is quite addicting, let me tell you.

No sewing. Just wild happy haphazard tearing and knotting of fabric. Followed by a hot glue parade. My kind of project. No precision required.
I must admit, sewing has been quite difficult for me these days. Four boys has finally caught up with me. I am slowing down. If a project can't be hot glued, then it most likely will not get done in a timely fashion. Or ever. Sometimes. Maybe.

One more photo of my beloved billy balls.

It was such a happy night for my little deck. Thanks again Dad and John!