September 28, 2011

i just gave my kid an emo hair cut.

it's a true story. today i just whacked off most of Calvin's hair, just like that.

although impulsive, this was a'coming.

i have been contemplating cutting cal's hair ever since kindergarten.

because kindergarten is when mean little girls say "you look like a giiiiiiiiirl". {true story. happened to finn a few years back.}
i really love the semi-faux-hawk that finn and ollie have.

but calvin looks way better with bangs.

what to do? i contemplated and contemplated.

i wanted it short in the back and longer in the front, but did not want him to look like the biebs.(sorry katy and uh-lish-uh. don't hate.)

today i met a little boy at church with short hair in back, longer in front, parted to the side. i thought he looked really cute.

so i stole his hair cut.

it's one thing if my kid wants long hair; it's another story if mama wants his hair long. {which i do}. i loved calvin's long hair.

but we don't live in santa barbara where it's completely normal to see little shaggy-haired boys running around all day.

where I live? long hair on boys is a rarity. and i don't want someone calling calvin a girl because of my preferences. because he actually wanted shorter hair(at least in the back. the back got shaved with a razor).

don't worry. he's still the same old happy boy. see?
ok this post was way long and rambly and angsty for just a simple hair cut. jeepers.

p.s. john hates it and says we're going to the barber.