September 16, 2011

rapunzel, rapunzel, let down your hair.

This was my awesome birthday cake this year, made by some of my dearest friends: Angela and Alisha, supervised by Melisa. Very official business.

The yellow frosting is Rapunzel's golden hair, LOL. Flowing out of an ice cream cone castle. Creative and ingenious if you ask me. I LOVED it.


A few hours before my little party, I sat in a dental chair happily watching Rapunzel.

"How do your teeth feel?", my dentist asks.

"Oh great!" I reply. Back to Rapunzel.

My dentist starts checking my teeth. "Hmmmmm" he says poking around. "When did your wisdom tooth get a crack in it?"

"WHAT??!! I have no idea!!" I wailed.

Not the news I was expecting to hear. My four wisdom teeth had always been such little champs.

He then went on to explain how it was basically impossible for me to clean any of my wisdom teeth because they were tilted or something.

"Here, let me show you this x-ray of your wisdom teeth..."

"Um, no thanks", I say. "Those pics gross me out. I believe you". Back to Rapunzel.

"Oh no...You need to look here" he insists, pointing at the x-ray, shoving it my face. "And let's also look here at all the spots you missed flossing..." he continues.

"Ew gross! Don't make me look!" I plead.

"You really need to see this right here" he lectures.

"Please no! I am very busy watching Rapunzel!" I insist.

Sighing in resignation. "Ok. You win. Go back to your happy place", he says.

Nice man:)

However, I'm probably getting all my wisdom teeth pulled next month. I am filled with dread over the prospect.


But. No time for moping too long. I have a lil Rapunzel party to attend. And it's impossible to stay too glum, with some of my dearest friends to cheer me up!

And I am also very happy because I get to wear my new yellow{high-waisted} skirt. It was from Francescas's(buy one get one free sale). Angela, Katygirl, Melisa.

Amber, Ashley, Kristen.

Melisa and Alisha.
I only snapped a few shots at the beginning, so if you got there later we missed taking your photo. Sorry:(

Some of my loot, box included.

Amazing scarf and shirt from Melisa and Angela, Forever 21. Box from Alisha, found in a field, haha.

Necklace and bird scarf from dearest Becca, World Market.

Little pile from loriloo.

She hand-embroidered it. Never ceases to amaze me.

HAHA. Lol, Katygirl. You know me toooo well. From williams sonoma

Crochet hat/band from Kristen, scarf from Ashley(target).

Lorie also made this beautiful necklace.

Alisha makes these gorgeous headbands.

I wanted this one since the first time she opened up shop. Go check out her etsy store. She's amazing!

Happy night after all. Thanks guys, for being so very kind to me!