January 21, 2012

finn's first book

When Finn gets home from school, he likes to take over my computer and write little stories. He is currently typing a book called "The School Alligator", which I'm following with great interest. I must admit, the book is a bit shocking to me. It's always interesting to get a peek into the window of your child's soul. Maybe when it's finished I will show you some of it.

Finn also wrote his rendition of Star Wars, which he gave to our parents as a present. John helped get this book printed. Shown here are the front and back covers.

Hey Finn, care to show us your book?

"Sure", chomp, chomp. Gotta love the apple in the background.

The book is composed of Episodes I, II and III, in Finn's own words.

Not quite sure where he gets his love of writing. When I was his age, I just liked to play with smurfs and talk about poop.
I kid you not.