January 28, 2012

i never knew...

...how much fun a 2.5 year old could be.

sure, i've done my two's before with finn, calvin and ollie.

and they were a blast. truly, they were.


i always had a nursing baby to contend with and was not always able to appreciate the *finer points* of a 2.5 year old. not that i would have wanted it any other way.

raising the youngest of the family{twain} has been a gift that I never saw coming.
i always thought i'd be so so sad without another baby in the house.

but it has not been that way at all. it's just been a complete joy that keeps getting better and better. and my little sister Lindsay is pregnant with twins(!!!!!!!) and so I am completely and totally giddy with joy upon passing the torch and snuggling her little angels to pieces. and then giving them back when they cry all night, heh.

here is my sauntering 2.5 year old that I want to scoop up and squeeze to pieces every time he walks on by.

yes, he can be a bit sassy at times and knows WAY too much for his age. {i blame this entirely on his older brothers}

but that little baby charm is still hanging on. his cheeks are still so round and squishy.

doing the "kid sit"

he is as silly as they come and is always giggling about something.

even when he is just standing there doing nothing, my heart skips a beat and I turn into a puddle of mush.

out of all 4 of my boys, he's definitely the most babyish. he cries whenever he has to go potty and makes one of us assist him the entire time. fussing and whining, "i tan't" whenever we ask him to pull up his chonies or flush.

and when he actually does go by himself, he comes out naked and i find his underwear all over the house. sometimes he just kicks them off and i find them on a random window sill.

he's crazy wild at home and whenever ollie is by his side. the two are thick as thieves and up to mischief if i look away for even a second. but when he's out in public by himself, he turns all bashful.

my favorite thing about him these days is the way he talks and pronounces things.

he can't say his k's(k=t)
he can't' say his g's(g=d)

and at night before bed he wants to read with me and always squeaks to me "let's det all snuddled up" and he puts a blanket over our legs and hands me a book. i cannot resist.

twain, you are such an unexpected joy and blessing and i thank the Lord for you every single day. xxooxxooxxooxxooxxooxxooxxooxxooxxoo

p.s. my other favorite thing he does is call me "darling". when i am doing something he will say to me, "thanks darling".