February 19, 2012

there's a teenage boy in my house.

Aren't you wondering who this strange new boy is?

So grown up wearing these Adidas, I can hardly stand it.

Surprise! I did not adopt another kid. It's actually our very own Calvin Jack.

When Calvin wears this smallish flannel shirt(that Ollie actually wore when he was a gnome), he reminds me of the guy that works at my favorite antique shop. I actually like it when my boys wear shirts that are a bit snug because it looks sort of European. It's just my personal preference, mind you me.

Sometimes, when he is all pensive, he kind of DOES look like a mini-teenager, though.

But not to worry. He's the same sweet lovable huggable Calvin Jack that I've always known and loved.

He freely gives me multiple hugs each and every day, without me ever once having to ask. And he always tells me how much he loves me.

I just love this about him and hope that he stays this way, even when he does get bigger.

But for now, he's my sweet little twerp and I am just enjoying each and every day with him.

As you may have noticed, his cheek is still recovering from a crazy skid-out biking accident, which is still a slightly sore subject around this house...his mommy and daddy are still 'debating' the finer details of the incident;)

It's one of the main things John and I argue over: the safety of the boys and what they are and aren't allowed to do...etc. I come from a family of 3 girls and John comes from a family of 3 boys, so it's understandable that we come from polar opposite ends of the spectrum on this one. And I don't think there is one right or wrong parent in each and every situation.

One thing I have learned though, is that the more that I push my opinions, the less it helps. The more I back off, the more concerned about safety John becomes.

It's difficult for me to sit by and wince as these situations unfold.
You guys. Raising boys is sometimes really hard for me.

And God gave me 4. EeeK! God has a funny sense of humor that is for sure. But I love it, I love it, I LOVE it.

Even though I'm not always good at it. And sometimes, I really stink at it. And I imagine, it 's not going to get easier as they get even more wild and independent.

Sometimes I try to protect them too much. I know that is my propensity. So I am trying to ease up a bit here and there.

Because I DO want them to grow up as energetic mighty men of the Lord and I know that protecting them like they are little pansies is not going to accomplish this goal.

And so I must pray them into God's hands each and every day. That He will take care of them when I cannot/should not control the situation. Oh this can be hard, but in the end I believe that is the only way we will ALL remain sane. Otherwise, I'm just gonna go crazy...and I'm gonna drive the boys crazy too.