February 1, 2012

finn's armor

Finn is always up to something.

He's constantly cooking up some scheme to keep himself(and his brothers)busy.

He's just the activity coordinator of the family and our home is so lively and entertaining with him around.

He recently made this armor out of cardboard lying around.

I love how everything is jerry-rigged together with rubber bands and tape.

He cut out a square for his eyes and mouth.

My favorite part of this contraption is the little shoulder piece. And of course the rubber bands. I mean, who doesn't love rubber bands???

As much as I love his armor(truly I do!), it was taking over the living room...making my eyes twitch every time I saw it spewing all over the floor.

So I told him we could take some pictures and put it away in his bedroom for a while.
And if it gets destroyed or accidentally thrown away(no, I wouldn't...) then at least we have photographic evidence of its existence.