August 5, 2012

he rides!

Last monday, John spontaneously decided to teach Ollie how to ride a bike.

I had no idea this was happening. I was inside the house. 

A little tentative at first.

and away he goes!

He came rushing in the house to tell me, "Mommy, I rode a 2-wheel bike all by my own self. Daddy let go of my seat!"

Honestly, I could not believe it. With all of Ollie's gravitational issues that he had as a toddler, I just did not think he would have the coordination to pick up riding a bike so quickly.

In case you cannot tell, he is pretty pleased. As are we. I am learning that I need to stop putting Ollie in a box. He is constantly surprising me. 

And would someone tell his mother to cut or style this poor child's hair? Sheesh.

Hair has NOT been a priority this summer, in case you could not tell. 

I personally think that both John and Ollie need to have their hair done like Arie's on the bachelorette.