August 17, 2012


Just in case you haven't noticed. I'm CRAZY about these two love muffins.

I'm planning to visit them next weekend.

And I'm giddy at the thought. LOVE THEM.

Don't you love peaceful sleeping baby pics? James thinks NOT. 

Oh amigo. Or little leprechaun. He is a boy of many nicknames. Since day ONE he has always been extremely alert. Eyes always open and looking around.

He came thisclose to conking out. Please, please, pleeeeeaaaase.

ALMOST asleep.

Like one more second and he would have been out cold.

But no. 

Someone outside made the slightest peep. 

AND BOOM. Back to square one. Oh my. 

And Savannah just smiles. Hey! Isn't there a movie called Savannah Smiles? Why yes, there is.


He is a mama's boy through-and-through. Will scream his lungs out til mama picks him up.

Then he's happy as a clam. Very consolable. And very engaging. 

Until we try to get him back down for a picture with his sissy. No way, no how, he was not going to have any part of that. 

All the while, sweet little Savannah just slept the day away. 

I was a good sleeper, just like Savannah, when I was a baby. So I have been told.

As peachy as can be.

And then, Savannah finally wakes up and decides it's time to eat. She is wisked away. 

As Savannah is eating, little amigo FINALLY decides to take a cat-nap. It was a conspiracy.

He reminds me of ALL my boys. They always wanted me to hold them. Always crying for mama.

Sweet prince, how I wish you would have napped with your sister. But auntie will take what she can get. 

And then he woke up 2 minutes later and screamed til the sun went down.

No lie, after all lighting was gone to take pictures--he fell into a deep trance.

Such is life with twins. And I was just there for one day.

I cannot even imagine the 3-ring-circus that my sister deals with day in and day out.

Madness I tell you!

I want twins. {hiiiii John! I see you!}