July 8, 2013

little cacti party.

So one of my dolls(dolls=cute young friends that makes me look old) was having a birthday and so I had a few friends over to celebrate.

My friends and I often go too far on parties...ya know...obnoxious pinterest overload. We are trying to turn a new leaf. At least for "normal" bdays:

No banners.
No party favors.
Just some yummy snacks and desserts and whatever decorations are on hand.

Remember my blue arrow tablecloth? Well, I had been dying to use it. So I piled some of my beloved cacti in the middle. 

And bought a few sprigs of eucalyptus because I'm obsessed and they are cheap.

Set up our costco table and folding chairs.

Ok, I'm realizing my folding chairs look super cheesy and I really should have used my kitchen chairs. Fooey, Davi!

Dewars{peanut butter} chews are seriously my favorite candy on the planet. They taste like abazabba's that are light and fluffy but a million times better.  You must taste one before you die.

Gift tag for bday girl: Cricut for cutting triangles and metal ring for attaching to bag. Metal rings are one of my new favorite things. Easy peasy.

And I ventured out and made some Pioneer Woman's Iced Coffee. My friend Jen bought some fancy-pants cupcakes that cost a small fortune.

I bought that smallish liquid dispenser at walmart for like $12. Super convenient for small parties and fits right in fridge.

A few days after the party, my friend Katie Russell texted me this photo of cactus cupcakes(from Pinterest). They would have looked cute with this party, no? Just dreaming:

Maybe I can make them for my birthday. After all, it is tradition in our family to make your own cake.

Side note: These cupcakes are my VERY FIRST Pinterest pin, wahooo! I basically needed a Pinterest account just so I could have 3 social media buttons under my profile picture, instead of 2, haha.  Two buttons looked incomplete. So Pinterest, I'm basically just using you. But who knows? Maybe I'll find something cool to pin.

The girls say hiiiii!

Behind the scenes: Pioneer Woman's Perfect Iced Coffee 

Started off so simple. Just dump your coffee grinds in water and leave overnight.

Bought some cute stuff to strain it: fine mesh strainer and cheese cloth. All ready to go!

I really tried...but my strainer fell into the container, splashing everthing and basically making a huge mess.

"John! John! Wake up and HELP ME!"

No lie, I had to wake my husband from a nap to help me. It was a two-man job.

Me and the Pioneer Woman...yah...we are like the same. (wink)


  1. We make that iced coffee allllll the time! It's by far the best stuff! (but sometimes when i'm lazy I don't cold brew it, I just make coffee and let it cool. Not quite the same, but when in a bind, it does the trick ;)

  2. *raises hand* me again!
    LOL those comparison pictures are hilarious.
    That bday party looks juuuust right. Darling! Well those cupcakes would have been perfect but it's alright- your still amazing!

    another random mini story: was at goodwill tonight and always scared of hats.. but this one was two cute to look past. I was checking it out and trying to figure out where I had see it... Yup.. yours. So I didn't get it for fear of you thinking I stole it- or maybe it was the fear of lice.:)

    1. haha! you should have gotten it so we could be twinsies!

  3. First of all, you must have a lot of friends. I want to throw someone a birthday party that's not a child. Personal goal: get more friends. Secondly, those cactus cupcakes are insanely adorable. Thirdly...I like your goal to simplify your shindigs. I kind of felt the same way after my son's last birthday party. Except I probably won't. Unless I find a friend to throw a party for. ;)

  4. I. AM. DYING. As soon as you mentioned making the Pioneer Woman's coffee I knew exactly what you were going to say. I just did the exact same thing last week and OH MY was it a disaster. Coffee was flying everywhere and only a small bit landed in the right container. Putting a coffee filter over a jar with a rubber band equals worst idea EVAH. Also, I want to be your friend. Your parties are always fabulous.

  5. GAH! I've gotta try that coffee one of these days. You've posted on it twice now and Talia commented about it. I'm clearly missing out!

    And I know your Pinterest hesitation. For me, I was afraid it'd become an obsession/distraction. Thankfully - it has not. I search it when I'm on the hunt for something OR when I legitimately have a few spare moments. But I'm not obsessively hooked. I'll look you up! ;-)

  6. I just found your blog and LOVE it!!! I'm so excited to follow along. And I'm pretty obsessed with Pioneer woman.

  7. cute party! and the last photos made me laugh :)

  8. I love this post!! I love your yellow wall!!!!!!! Soooooo much!!!!!! Yes, to simpler times for sure. It's fun to go all out for parties but it's also nice to use what's on hand, agreed. I love your little dispenser for liquid. That is great. I have a huge one, but that little one is so perfect for smaller gatherings. Great comparison pictures. Glad a good time was had, take care,

    Shauna :)

  9. You are adorable. I love every little bit of your cute style. And I actually like when you go overboard on parties because then I get to look at pretty pictures, haha.

  10. That bold yellow flowery wall is amazing! I don't know if I'd ever have the courage to try something like that, but I love it. =)

    I discovered a waaay easier method of cold-brewing my coffee (although it does yield a smaller batch). I use my French press coffeemaker--add the coffee grinds and water the night before, then in the morning press it and pour! Takes way less time and removes the hassle of straining the coffee. I love the taste (and the newly reinstated early bedtime)!

  11. ohhh! i just bought a new walmart cactus friend with a big red head on him. poor guy. but so cute, right? and for 2 bucks, who could say no to the little dude? ;)