July 29, 2013

an impulsive decision

This morning I woke up and looked in the mirror.

My eyebrows were looking very dark. And sinister. I felt grumpy.

When I get highlights put in my hair, I usually have my girl lighten my eyebrows a smidge...just so that my hair color blends a little better with my eyebrows.

You might think I'm nuts. But my natural eyebrows are pretty dark. I read online today that dark eyebrows can make your face look too harsh, whereas lighter eyebrows can soften your face a bit. I guess it just depends on the person. Some people look fantastically dramatic with darker eyebrows. I however, do not. And my next hair appointment is over a month away.

On a whim, I googled "how to lighten your eyebrows at home"... just too see if I could fix them myself.
And lo and behold, I stumbled across a tutorial in this nifty blog post.

The girl in the tutorial used Sally's cream hair bleach to lighten her eyebrows. They looked pretty good on her. And I just so happend to have a brand new box in my bathroom cabinets.

Side note: A year or 2 ago, I used to cream bleach the hair on my arms. But it took like 15 minutes and I was too antsy to sit there that long. So one day I just shaved the hair off my arms and I've never looked back. Super easy. I just do it like once or twice a week in the shower when I shave my legs. It only adds like one or 2 minutes to my routine.
Anyhow, back to my story. Without even thinking, I impulsively decided to try bleaching my eyebrows  myself with the Sally's cream bleach.

It was so sudden a decision, I did not even bother  to take a before picture. Sorry! I just had to go fast before I chickened out.

But here is an after shot!

I think they match up well enough. I hope they don't turn orange tomorrrow. Though it would serve me right for being so vain and impulsive;)

So here is what to do, if you are brave enough to try.

1. Grab the creme hair bleach activator and pour a pile the size of a dime{roughly}

2. Then take the bleach and just make a little pile(half the size of the dime pile, roughly).

Oh hi Blue! Kitty is interested. Us girls stick together in this house.

3. Mix these 2 piles together and slap them on your eyebrows. Make sure you smoosh it all in and get all your eyebrows.

4. Leave it on for 2 mintues and check your progress. I left mine on 3 minutes. And washed it off. And done! Yay! Super quick 'n easy and I never had to leave the house.
So. What was your most impulsive DIY beauty trick.  How did it work out?

p.s. my computer is still crashed and so you get posts like these, aye aye aye.


  1. Now I would look silly... but my hair is brown still ;)

    I've thought about shaving my arms for a split second, but since I have to shave every.single.day, it wouldn't be worth it for my arms too...

  2. I have the opposite problem, mine are naturally super light but my hair has gotten darker as I've gotten older, but I also highlight like you so I generally draw mine in hahaha.. I need to just buy some eye brow tint, meh (I HATE shopping).

  3. Looks fantastic! Sometimes I feel that my eyebrows are a tad dark and therefore make my facial features look a bit harsh. Sometimes, not! Weird. I would love to try this - but I'm a big chicken.

  4. Oooh I'm tempted! I might have to get the guys up to try! Always wanted do to something like this! Loving that brown bracelet!! You nifty girl it's so darling!!

  5. I am impressed! I would totally be too chicken to do that because I am sure a giant mishap would happen. Luckily, I stick with being a red head so my dark eyebrows are ok. :p

    Looks fantabulous!

  6. ha...I have had some really awful hair colors...in my juvenile days I was unaware that my hair soaked in anything that said "golden" and "ash", thus I saw pink and then grey hair. Ugh! I'm glad I know better now.....except for that time about 4 years ago when I wanted to add a streak of color like Julia Roberts had (http://www.allure.com/beauty-trends/blogs/daily-beauty-reporter/2009/04/julia-roberts-pink-hair.html). Needless to say I had a HUGE purple spot in my hair!

    I'll just stick to natural colors.

    Kudos to you for shaving your arms...I so lazy, I barely shave my legs. :)

  7. I just got an amazing book from the library on how to define your curls (its called "Curly Girl: A Handbook" I recommend it!) and used a homemade potion of water and baking soda to cleanse my hair and then learned how to define the curls! I'm in love! :)

    I shave my legs once a week, and I'm thinking about shaving my arms again.

  8. They look great! If they do turn orange, you can darken them with some brown eyeshadow or a brown pencil. You have to apply it very lightly, though, or it will look harsh.

  9. Wow, I'm impressed that you shave your arms too! I'm lucky enough to have pretty fine hair on my arms, and as soon as I exposing my arms in the summer they get bleached (plus I get tan...just lucky, haha!). I only just started getting my eyebrows waxed a couple times a year so I have a good template for my tweezers the rest of the time.

    My most impulsive DIY, however, was chopping my waist-length hair to my shoulders. By myself. In the bathroom. My bf (now husband) just about had a heart attack, but I've never gone back to long hair! We both love it short.

  10. My most impulsive DIY was to cut my own hair. The first time I put it in a ponytail and had my husband chop off the pony. And then I evened it out. I figured since I didn't get any comments about how bad the haircut was, it became my new haircutting method. Although now I just cut it without asking for husband's help. I had just gotten so tired of my long hair, and I have a hard time paying for a haircut so it was getting cut about every two years. I just went for it and it turned out well. SO much more comfortable doing it myself but I keep it a nice chin to shoulder length, too afraid to do a pixie cut myself!

  11. wow! I'm impressed! I would have chickened out for sure. but it turned out well!

  12. They look GREAT! Good job!!

  13. Haha, when I saw the title and first few sentences, I was sure that there was going to be a dramatic mistake and you would have some crazy eyebrows pics for us. But no, you're always successfully creative! Looking great!

  14. You are a vision. You are so pretty, love the pictures and the fact that you pulled it off. Great job. Do you need help with your computer. Let me know. My husband has helped a few of my blogger friends over email with computer problems. He is a systems engineer. Take care,

    Shauna xoxo

    1. wow, thanks you are so sweet. my new hard drive comes friday. hopefully my husband can figure it out;)

  15. You are BRAVE! They turned out great. My eyebrows are a little light-ish, so I usually have to use a bit of powder to define them.
    My bravest DIY beauty attempt was waxing an *ahem* sensitive area. Most painful experience of my life. It was a terrible decision and thankfully I'm older and wiser now. We live and learn. ;)

  16. I was so nervous for you when I started reading this post, but they turned out so great!

  17. I need mine darker...or so the mac lady says.
    Can you google that for me??? :P


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