September 23, 2013

a mint wall

Dear Sweet Blog.

Um hi.

I've missed you.  I didn't mean to take such a long break, honest, but

I told some people I would do some stuff for them, and I felt like I had to fulfill all of my responsibilities before coming back here. Priorities and such. It doesn't mean I don't love you. I just felt guilty playing here when I had all these deadlines looming over me. It's hard being a grown-up.

And to be quite honest, this mama has been literally drowning in work and barely came up for air the last few weeks. Has that ever happened to you? Where your "to-do" list, seems to grow in your sleep? And you just can't get on top of it all, no matter how hard you try?

Work work work, 24/7! And the boys have been realllllllllly demanding. And I got a head/sinus cold and I'm beat and overwhelmed and stressed...but God has been my helper. Amen, don't know where I would be without Him.

Despite all this, I{meaning John} did manage to paint a wall and that is something to celebrate, eh?

I mean, it only took me a week of deliberating before I FINALLY settled on a shade of mint. I used Behr Winter Fresh, 25% darker.

I was SO excited when bday present arrived on the FedEx eames-style white rocker--it's a knock-off, of course. But it's so much fun and my favorite chair in the house. The boys and kitties love it too. Hi Peach!

flower print and wooden cubby from urban outfitters
arrow sign(and chevron box) from target
lil deer head from land of nod
goose-neck lamp and tiny globe from etsy or ebay.

My little sis was doing face-time with me, trying to help me decorate this wall. When all of a sudden I let out a loud SHRIEK. John {accidentally}dropped that arrow pic on my little deer...and one of its antlers broke right off. It was a sad little moment.

After some minor surgery with super glue, it's as good as new{Don't look too close, wink}.

This above wall used to be my piano wall--we ended up moving the piano under the front window. It's always fun switching things up and looking at things in a fresh new way. The boys get all excited too. Weeee!


  1. The color turned out great. Such a sweet space.

  2. I love the mint! Have I told you how much I like your decorating style? I do very much.

  3. I love the one you picked! It's perfect...not to "toothpastey" ;)

  4. Looks awesome!! And can I tell you I've been sitting on some Land of Nod gift cards since FOR-E-VER and cannot decide what to use them on?? I mean, there's little there that I can afford so its so hard to know if I should splurge on one AWESOME accessory (that I would never-in-my-life normally spend that much money on) or just buy a few average things. Sheesh. I'm as picky and indecisive as YOU! :) (I think that's a good thing.)

  5. Fabulous color picking my friend! Loving the simplicity yet perfect put together... Such a talent you have indeed!!!

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