September 27, 2013

what's picture day like at your house?

It's that time of year again.

When the holidays are just around the corner and life gets crazy festive whacko. 

So I thought it would be a great idea to do our family photos early this year. Lorieloo agreed to take us on, bless her heart. We are a squirrely crew, with 4 boys and all. 

Around a week before photo time, I realized that my boys' shirts were getting all worn out(and didn't match with my stuff, lol), so I decided to order some new tees on etsy. I knew we were cutting it close with shipping and all.

The day before my shoot with Lorie, my package did not come. Stress. I started tracking the package and it was stuck somewhere in Goleta, CA, with little chance of arriving on time. I was bummed but decided not to stress. I didn't want to turn this whole photoshoot into an idol, if you know what I mean. Lorie said she could shoot us later, if need be. Seriously, she is the sweetest. 

But morning of, my package miraculously arrived and we were ON! Wahoo!

I normally have clothes selected ahead of time, but this year I was kinda flying by the seat of my pants. I had a last minute wardrobe change myself and drove to Forever 21 to buy a new top. I highly recommend picking out your clothes at least a day or 2 in advance, if not even sooner. But whatevs. All is well that ends well.

A few days later, Loriloo texts me the following:

Because that's what real friends do: they photoshop your zits, ha.

And how cute is Lorie with her photo disk packaging?! Thanks dearest Loo. I'm so grateful for your talents!

So what is photo day like at your house? Do you get clothes ahead of time or the day of? Is it relaxed or crazy?

In other news, John made some honeycomb shelves for my bday, from A Beautiful Mess blog. They were harder than anticipated but my stud of a husband worked it out.

I have a few things to say about this photo.

1. I moved the blue couch to another room because it was clashing with everything. I did a little couch switcheroo.

2. The rug. Oh the rug. The ends of the rug would NOT STOP CURLING UP. And the black arrowheads were peeling off. So I returned it to Urban Outfitters today for store credit. In the market for a new rug...

3. Um. Twain and Ollie thought their kitties added a nice touch to my shelves. What do you think?

4. We hung the shelves but I'm still looking for things to put on them. I have trouble decorating large shelves. They overwhelm me. But I do love these honeycomb shelves and will look for some cheap nick-nacks at a thrift store. When everything is situated, I will show you a proper-like photo. Right now this room still in limbo.

Finally, I try not to go on and on about Ollie's schooling, so as to not bore you to tears. But I was SO stoked to take a whole week to perfect the little "e", since it's in Ollie's name...and was so hard for him to write.

We practiced with shaving cream and sand. I love sand. Shaving cream...notsomuch.

Ollie made this cute little robot the other day. I especially love that it can carry tabby(ies) and their gameboys.

Ollie is thriving and each day feels very fulfilled. I fall into bed exhausted from it all, yet have trouble sleeping.
I got adjusted by Dr. W and she said I'm clenching my teeth like a maniac, which was causing my sinus troubles. So I think I am still feeling underlying stress/anxiety, which stinks. I hate that feeling. I know God doesn't want me to live this way, so I am praying that I can learn to fully cast all my cares upon Him. And a personality change would be nice too. I wish I was more laid back. 


  1. Wow, you are super on top of it to have your family pictures taken so early! Even with wardrobe issues, you should pat yourself on the back :)
    Um, those shelves are super awesome and your hubs must be some sort of saw ninja, because they are THAT cool!
    Also, I don't know if it will help, but when my sister struggled with learning her letters, my mom got some special clay that my sis could shape into the letters, and then she learned to recognize the letter from any direction. It helped her to have a 3-D letter in front of her. Don't know if you're even in the market for letter-teaching ideas, but hey, it's free :)

    1. The clay actually sounds like a great idea, so thanks!!! I love hearing how people help kids with letters and usually try people's suggestions!!!

  2. I stress about our outfits and pick them last minute for photo shoots. My husband says he will wear whatever I want him to. So I guess that's a plus.

  3. 1. I can't wait to see your photos
    2. I LOVE those shelves & I'm excited to see how you decorate
    3. I have been having serious jaw trouble for a while. Dr. told me that I am stressed & overwhelmed & it's causing issues. Thankful that we can cast our cares on him. If only it was as easy to do than it is to say.

  4. That last picture is beautiful!!! My husband says he'll wear whatever I want him to, so I just pulled coordinating things from our closets and voila! Good enough. I'm looking forward to seeing your family pictures.

    P.S. I always photoshop my own zits out (and everyone elses too!). Sometimes I stare at myself in the mirror and pretend to photoshop them out. :) Wouldn't that be nice?

  5. oh my gosh. you had your pictures taken at the little shack. i just came across it over the weekend and totally plan on taking our there, but now i feel like i'm a copy cat.
    oh and i should introduce myself. I'm kelly! Hi! we have some friends in common. sarah z is one of my favorite people in the world, and i met jessica b. through her. i met Katygirl in this crazy blogland and she became a real life friend.
    oh and i may have mentioned before that i went to school with megan and barbie.
    by the way. i love your blog.

    1. do you think I'm totally creepy?

    2. i know who you are sweet girl! you are not creepy at all:) and you should TOTALLY have your pictures taken there! I don't even care one tiny little bit! scout's honor! I don't care about stuff like that at all!

  6. My dear wonderful Davi friend- your words touched me at the end.. been going through those feelings myself lately and so good to hear (NOT that you are feeling that way) but that you understand... that feeling of anxiety is not a fun one.. but on the other hand it teaches us to keep clenching to God in those times.. That little Ollie is so blessed to have a mama that cares so much about him!!
    For reals and serious those honey comb shelves are sickin' creatively adorable! Tell your mad nice work... he better watch himself or between your creative eyes and his building skills you are going to have some orders:)

  7. I love this post. I love your style, your husband is awesome. Pictures, pictures, pictures...we have a great friend who photographs weddings and he has taken our xmas picture every year save a couple of times for a long time now. We barter with him he takes the pics and my engineer husband gives him hard drives. Ha!

    Anyhow, this year we went to my dear friends house for the 4th and she had this amazing slated wood flag get up in her back yard. All the families were taking their pictures with it. So guess what? One of the pictures we took in front of it was so cute, I thought, "this is it." I'm going with this for xmas. It's totally different from anything we have done, none of us are coordinated, or matching and yet it's perfect. So, the stress is relieved this year and I am flyin' high knowing that it's done!!!! But, usually I am in the same boat you describe above for sure. Last minute shopping, picking a place, etc, etc.

    So? How did you like your pictures? I can't wait to see them. You are an absolute angel of a face and your sons are precious and your husband is no slacker....ha!

    Is that green painted square on your wall chalkboard paint? That is so cute. I love it.

    I'm not sure if you remember or knew at all, but I homeschool my children as well. And I agree it is exhausting, but there is nothing I'd rather be doing. It keeps me on my toes, learning, researching and navigating. I love it.

    Take great care,


    1. aw yes, love the pics lorie took! she's very talented!
      so awesome that you got a GREAT pic from the 4th! Bet it's awesome!
      the great painted rectangle is actually a wall decal from urban outfitters!!!
      thanks for all the kind words, you are too sweet!

  8. Sorry, my silly daughter always forgets to sign out, it's Shauna from "What I love." :)

  9. sadly i plan for months before photo shoots and im still way too stressed :) ahhhh maybe this time i will relax :)

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