October 24, 2009

around the house

My sinuses/allergies have been acting up all week long, rendering me more pathetic and useless than ever. My head hurt. My nose was all stuffy and clogged. Perhaps a cold was also involved. There was a LOT of lounging around the house, trying to get my energy back.

Thankfully I had Sir Calvin Jack to give me some excitement by taking me on my very first tour of the Buckingham Palace.

That's right, the Buckingham Palace, built by my very own Calvin Jack, in all its colorful glory.

Initially I had to google the 'Buckingham Palace', mainly for the spelling...and wound up typing the Beckingham Palace --the home of "Posh and Becks".

At this point I was totally confused. I had to go ask Calvin, "What was the name of the palace you built?"

"The Buckingham Palace", Calvin confidently replied.
Ok then!

Back to google, and there was the "Buckingham Palace", the official London home of the British royalty...and apparently part of the Little Einstein's show Calvin had been watching. Yes this made more sense. Buckingham, not Beckingham. Yes, I know these things.

And this week, I was also granted the privilege of attending a special piano concert, featuring the music by Edvard Grieg. The sheet music was constructed by our very own Conductor Finn.

Finn left special instructions: "Play Ples John" ...how could daddy resist? So daddy played the piano for us. Apparently this Edvard Grieg music is also played on the Little Einsteins.

In addition to my tour of the Buckingham Palace and Concert a la Edvard Grieg, I also got to listen to the orations of Finn from various books he has constructed. Here is one of his first books.

At first I was quite taken aback by the mass quantities of words on one page. Oi!

However, lately most of Finn's books have been cute little thematic books, which are much easier on the eye!

Such as his Alphabet books. Here are the first 4 pages.

And here are some samples from his "Colors Book"

There are many, many, many more books such as these, scattered all about the house.

Who knew I could get such rich culture, never leaving house? I'm a lucky girl!


  1. Your boys are so creative and imaginative! I love seeing all of their little creations!

  2. LOL, love the Buckingham palace story. Finn's doing great! Man, really impressed at his writing!

  3. ok-what was that first book about, the one with all the words????The saga of one Mickey Mouse?

  4. Wow! Buckingham Palace, Edvard Grieg. You have quite the cultured (and polite "Play ples") household! Very fun to read!

  5. Really, I must admit that I'm often impressed at how much my girl learns from some TV shows. Little Einstiens is such a great show. Your boys are so intellegent anyways, so I'm not surprised that they're already great architects, composers and authors...;) Oh to imagine what the future holds for them!

  6. such talent! they must have a really smart mom :) er dad! er uncle! baha! well, whoever gave them their smartypant ways, God bless 'em! :D

  7. I am very impressed at your bright bunch of boys. Buckingham Palace? Wow! And Finn's writing and artwork? Kindy must be very easy for him. :)

  8. you have SUCH creative boys, Davi, seriously!!! You should be so proud mama, lucky you are indeed! :D
    p.s. my boys LOOOOVE Little Einsteins, it has been a favorite show for around 4yrs now...I think I know every word to every episode by heart LOL!

  9. aw, poor honey, I'm so sorry you've not felt well. But, yes, such wonderful things you are surrounded by!! We love Little Einsteins too, and the culture that it brings :)

    Finn's books are darling. And I love how Calvin is peering out from behind his palace.

    ps. I hope you DO get to go to the pumpkin patch this week!! I want to see YOUR pictures :)

  10. YOU ARE A LUCKY GIRL! If I was Alice, I'd slip through the looking glass right into YOUR fun world! (I love the architect of the Buck/Beck Palace wearing his crown of Felt.)