October 15, 2009

favorite spoons

Yesterday while shopping at Target, I was very pleased to see that they now carry my favorite baby spoons, made by the eco-friendly company Boon.

Let me count the ways I love these Boon spoons:

soft and comfortable for baby's gums
perfect size
cute fun color and modern style
and did I mention cute?

And baby loves them too!

Though he may not be particularly fond of the avocado I've been feeding him lately.

He makes the most
awful faces when I give him avocado...he eats it so reluctantly. Yesterday I thought I had finally convinced him to eat his whole bowl. I was so pleased. I had triumphed!

Until I saw him spitting out little mouthfuls of green here and there.

Where is all this green coming from???

Little bugger tricked me and had been hiding mouthfuls like a chipmunk in those chubby cheeks. I'm sure he thought it was pretty funny.

Alas, I am stubborn and he shall be getting more avocado in his near future.

And gosh no, I don't always put hats on my baby. He was blessed with such a great head of hair at birth, only to have most of it fall right out. Such a pity. The lighting makes him look bald in most pictures, but really his hair is starting to grow back in. See?

And check out this spiffy high chair that Boon makes. It would match my kitchen perfectly.

Isn't it cute? The answer is YES. Yes it is cute.

Even though we don't have a wild new high chair, we are very pleased with our new bib and spoons.


  1. that kid just keeps getting cuter...how is that possible~?!

  2. I totally have those spoons on my registry!

    And..um..I love that high chair too!!

  3. You crack me up! As I was reading your post and scrolling down through the photos of Twain in his little brown cap I thought, hum have we ever seen his unadorned little head? Then there it was... that fuzzy adorable little head - like you were reading our minds! You really need to pay me a visit one of these days so I can snuggle that baby and kiss those chubby cheeks. LOVE the pictures!

  4. Oh I love those spoons! I also love the coordinating suction bowls they make. So great for a kid that likes to turn her bowl upside down and dump it. :)

  5. I have to come out of hiding for this one.... I love that highchair! I have stalked it from day one, it comes in so many wonderful colors. Ohh I love it. Also, I plan on my baby being in hats as much as she will let me, because they are just too cute to not have on all the time!

  6. Ok. You NEED that highchair. Need. Love that big big smile! Who does he look like the most to you? My vote is Calvin!

  7. I just bought some Boon spoons the other day! They're the kind that you can stick the baby food IN the handle if you want. Great for church and such.

    Twain looks so different without his hat! And just as adorable as ever. :)

  8. Those spoons are just perfect for you and your family! I love that baby stuff is being made in colors other than the typical baby blue and pink or regular primary colors. I agree, I think you need that high chair!

  9. Glad you got some fun new stuff! I heart boon things. Twain, dear Twain ... he is just precious! I love his thin hair, it makes him look more baby I think =)

  10. I want to have kids right now just to have those spoons :)

    Thanks for your comment! You should definitely get that shelf! I think I used a 40% coupon on it or something like that, so it was a lot cheaper!