October 17, 2009

little leprechaun

And this year, we are the Leprechauns!

For the second year in a row, Finn is the youngest{and smallest} member on his soccer team. He is playing with 3rd graders. THIRD graders!!

At first, I was very uncomfortable with Finn playing with kids so much bigger and older than he was. And I still think it's kind of wrong. Unfortunately, his birthday falls on the wrong side of the cut-off date.

Buuuut, we decided to play it by ear, and so far Finn is definitely holding his own out there! He has gotten a lot more aggressive this year.

The other players and their parents are the sweetest ever, so that helps.

And Finn pretty much LOVES it, so that's all that really matters.

Last year I was so involved and went to almost every single game. Holding my breath every time Finn went within one square mile of the ball.

And this year? Sadly, I have only been to one game, because I refuse to feed Tweetle on the field. Seriously, I am sure nobody wants to see that. And I am starting to mellow out because when Finn gets the ball, I no longer hyperventilate. Don't get me wrong, I'm still just as excited...it's just different the second time around! And I think this is a good thing. I'm more relaxed.

Regardless of how many games I've gone too, I'm so proud of you Finn-boy!


  1. Finn's the cutest little leprechaun I ever did see!! I hope you'll change your mind about feeding baby in public! I think you'll find that people are very accepting of it - and if they aren't, I just figure they haven't seen enough nursing mommies to know better, so we'd better do our part to make it more normal!

  2. Hopefully I can watch next Sat. game...Go Twerp!

  3. Emily--Good point. And normally I don't mind at all feeing baby in public..I did not even care one bit at Disneyland. And he eats at church and friend's houses all the time. The soccer field seems different...so dirty, uncomfortable and boyish. I usually don't like feeding in front of dads if their wives never nursed...mainly because it might make the dads feel uneasy. I know that this may seem silly. And maybe I should ponder this more. But I understand 100% where you are coming from!

  4. He's so tiny, but I know he'll do great!

    I'm the same way about breastfeeding. I'm not against feeding in public places, but some places I'd rather not. I fed Caleb at the beach once and was pretty proud of myself. I'm sure he got a little sand with his milk. :) He'd be way too distracted at a soccer game, though.

  5. Pretty sure he has to be the cutest one on his team :)

  6. thats awesome. impressive to play with such big boys. im glad the teammates and parents are so nice. im very proud.

  7. GO Leprechauns! Isn't amazing how there is already skill at this age? Yeah....that could be why Ella is no longer playing... :)

  8. Go Finn! Wow, I can't believe he is with such big kids. I'm glad he does so well with soccer. I totally understand not wanting to nurse around a bunch of men. I was the same way!

  9. GOOOOOOO FINN! :) such an impressive boy you have there, Davi-doll.