April 14, 2010

Untimely demise of my sewing machine.

The other day(Tuesday, April 6th, approximately 11 pm, but who's counting?) my sewing machine came to an abrupt halt, mid-project.

The hand wheel was stuck.

I checked the bobbin to see if my thread was stuck, but it wasn't.

John was asleep, so I went to the garage to find some screwdrivers to dismantle my machine. You might be thinking "No big deal!", but to me this was a big deal. I never attempt to fix any type of machinery. I even checked an online user manual. But nothing seemed to be helping my poor machine.

My handy friend Natasha attempted to revive it the next day. If she couldn't fix it, nobody could. She pronounced it dead.


My sister asked me if I oiled my machine.

My reply: "Oil???"

We're guessing that was the problem. This machine ran around 13 years without ever being oiled. Pretty impressive if you ask me!

Nothing like an unfinished project to make one feel nice and accomplished.

So, what was I working on?

I was making some rosettes that I was going to sew onto a pillow.

Rosette 1: Raw edge

Rosette 2: Hemmed edge.

And here they are, side-by-side, for comparison. I am not sure which one I prefer.

I'm leaning toward the one to the left(hemmed edge). But does it look too smug? Or is it the obvious choice? Is this a no-brainer?

I need to select one of them to go with the other little rosettes on the pillow.

So here is the pillow with the first one(raw-edge)

And here is the pillow with the second one(hemmed edge).

And just to beat a dead horse, here they are again.

In the meanwhile, I started looking at new machines. I found a basic Singer machine at Joann's that was on sale from $119.99 to $84.99.

I had $79. John and I have a "no borrow money" rule. We have to save in advance for purchases. So instead of whining and begging for John to loan me a couple of bucks from our supplies money(or savings), I just said,

"Hey, can I have a few dollars? I don't want to borrow the money. I just want to have the money. I don't plan on paying you back".


Well, I guess he took pity on me and my sorry ways. At least I wasn't trying to be manipulative.

I don't know who was more excited to open my new box.

These two look-alike munchkins are the Model B prototypes. (Finn and Ollie are Model A)

And yes, the back of Twain's hair could use a trim.

So here she is, in all her glory(Suzanne, you may want to avert your eyes).

"And what is this?", you ask.

This is called oil.

I hereby solemnly vow to learn how to use it.

Now go oil your machine!


  1. Your flowers are so pretty! I love them :) I swear, every time I am doing a project something just has to happen to halt me or make me go slower! usually it's running out of thread.

    & Congrats on your new machine! I got one last year for my birthday :) I have NO idea how to properly take care of it so I hope to take your advice and oil it :) Errr..find out how to do so!

  2. Cute flowers!

    And uh oh because I've neverpiled my machine. Maybe they'll do it for me when I take it in for a tune-up soon.

  3. That's so funny about the oil! Lovely flowers, I like both of them!

  4. I like the raw edged flower! You know, since you asked and all. :)

    either way, that pillow will be GORGEOUS.

    yay for your new sewing machine!

    also, adorable prototypes. Cutest things I've ever seen in a sewing machine box. :)

  5. Seven years and I haven't oiled my machine, either. I kind of feel like it could use a general tune-up after that much time!

    And I like the raw-edged flower. Looks fluffier and more petal-y.

  6. You are amazingly talented ;0) love the new pillow and I have the same machine :0) except it's almost two years old still bran spankin new :0)... I really need more time ha... And thank u I too had no clue about oil

  7. Thanks for the reminder. I will oil my machine, just because you said so. :) I like both flowers but if I had to choose just one it would probably be the raw edged one but it is a close call. :)

  8. Sorry Michael is really Misha Cohen, NYC-I guess I forgot to sign my husband off! ;)

  9. LOL! Yes, you need to oil...but I will confess that I went through the same thing learning to sew...lessons learned!

    OMG! You are so creative...I LOVE YOUR PILLOW! I am jealous...I would never have thought about that and probably would never try it...but if someone wants to make me some! J/K

    Don't you love how little boys can wiggle their cute little bare bodies into little boxes!? One of my most favorite things!

  10. Okay adopted daughter of mine...OIL your machine! Every 7 to 10 sewing hours. I prefer the raw edge rose but both are darling and it's so like you to agonize over which one is best. You are so funny!! This is why I love you so.

    Now I have to tell you that Bernina makes a Bernette that we sell for $169 that is wonderful, dependable and trouble free so if the Singer doesn't work out for you call me.

    The photos of the boys in the box are to die for.

    Love, Mom

  11. Hello,

    I love those flowers! You are amazing :) I like the hemmed edges one the best. Although the raw edge are cute too.

    I had no idea I had to oil my machine!! Obviously I've never done it. Maybe that's why its sort of been acting up? I don't even know HOW to oil it! Better get the manual out!

    Happy Sewing with your new machine :)

  12. Beautiful! IM SO GLAD your back! I was in SLO for a trip, this is the first tiem Iv gotten achanve to open your blog. Horray! and yes, that baby is bigger now!

  13. I vote raw edge...and I love the pillow!

    Hmm...I have my mom's hand me down machine and I've never oiled it. I don't even know where the oil would go. I guess I should look into this...

  14. The little rosettes are so sweet. I love them both!

    On their own the hemmed edge one was my favorite, but on the pillow I really liked the raw-edge. Either way it will be beautiful.

    Did you may the other 2 flowers already on the pillow too? I don't have a sewing machine yet but want one soon!

  15. I LOVE the flowers-- so cute-- I am wearing a sweater right now that has similar (though not quite as cute) ones. Heh, I think I have that same machine! I need to learn to use it though :)

  16. Ooo, i am loving that pillow!!

    At first I was like "oh raw edge all the way, i love the way it looks!" but then i saw them both on the pillow with the others and had SUCH a hard time trying to decide!!
    um, i think my vote still goes to raw edge? I really do love how it looks :D
    I have had a sewing machine for 8yrs and have used it twice. I don't know HOW to use it and my goal is to learn...one day. I really do want to know what I'm doing and begin to craft and mimic what I see others doing.
    Anywho, as always your work is so cute, you are so creative davi

  17. LOL dying! You write a story just as funny as you tell it =) So sorry about dear old machine but YIPPE for the new one! I am so glad you were able to get it! And have I told you I am in LOVE with the new home decor style you are going with?! LOVE IT!

  18. I would probably go with the raw edged one too, but I understand if you decide on the other for longevity purposes...with four boys and pillow fights...you never know what could happen to that flower. ;)

    Love the pillow...I recognize the fabric! I just made a similar pillow for Annabelle's room...the flowers are so fun!


    i love you.

    and i'll take whatever flower you don't use ;)

  20. Hi Colette! Thanks for popping by. I did make the other rosettes too. One was made out of grosgrain ribbon and the other one was a sort of twill ribbon with crochet on both ends. I hope you get a machine soon!

  21. On the pillow I think I like the raw edge. But both are great!

    I promptly oiled my machine after reading this! A few years ago we took my old machine in to get serviced and they said it wasn't even worth it. They wouldn't even take my money! That was the first sign of bad things! I finally bought a used machine and couldn't believe what I had been missing! It's so nice. Hope you are loving yours. :)

  22. I have that exact same machine! I totally will figure out how to oil it soon.

  23. I do love the raw edge one but either one would be really pretty. I'm so inspired to learn how to sew with all of these wonderfully talented people surrounding me! I hope this machine of yours lasts at least 13 years. Now that you say it, yes, your boys absolutely look alike! Model prototypes A and B... wow!