April 7, 2010

Tale of Finn's hair

After school one day, Finn said "I need my hair cut. It's getting in my eyes".

Normally I give his hair a little trim and send him on his way.

On this particular day, I was feeling rather adventerous. I wondered what Finn would look like if we got his hair cut like Ollie's. I got a hair clip from my room and pinned Finn's hair off his face.

Hm. Not too bad. Perhaps he could pull this off.

"Do you want your hair cut shorter?" I asked him.

"Ok", he said. Clearly not paying too much attention. He had no idea the scheming in my mind.

So I piled all 4 boys into the van and carted them off to Cost Cutters.

"We'll take the faux-hawk", I informed the hair stylist. "But do a long version in case we don't like it."

She draped my boy in the apron and started snipping away as I watched in complete fascination.

Finn's hair has been long since age 2.

As she kept snipping, I started to feel a bit nervous. This was kind of drastic.

She pulled off the apron and Voila!

I think I kind of died. Right there. He looked SO different. And positively tiny. Half of his weight was in his hair. I had instant remorse.

I drove straight over to show John(and Grandma) the new Finn.

John's mom liked his hair(of course, what Grandma doesn't like short hair?), but John did not like it.

Neither did Finn.

And neither did Finn's mama. I wanted to cry. I felt a little sick to my stomach.

John said, "You should have waited til school was out. Getting your hair cut is a big deal in school".

Now I was really kicking myself.

To make matters worse, Finn refused, absolutely refused, to let me spike the hair in front, as the hair cut was intended to be.

"Finn, are you kidding me?"

But no, he was not kidding.

I about fainted. The whole reason I got his hair cut was because I liked it spikey in front.

"Why Finn? WHY can't we spike it??"

"Because Ollie's hair is spiked and Ollie is a baby" was his reasoning.

Good grief boy. And I thought only girls were supposed to be this fussy about their hair.

It was Thursday night. School was tomorrow. And Finn was embarassed over his hair.

And he missed his hair. He missed swishing it around.

I slept fitfully that night and called Finn's school that morning.

"Can Finn wear a beanie in the classroom today?", I asked.

"You'll have to ask his teacher", they replied.

Decisions, decisions.
Do we (a)go to school without the beanie and get the humiliation over with?
or (b) wear the beanie until Finn passes out from heat stroke?

"Are you sure I cannot spike the front?", I asked, before leaving for school. His eyes filled with tears.

Thankfully, he let me swoop it to the side, with a little bit of gel. There, much better.

Giving me "the look".

And off we went to school, without the beanie.

As I walked with Finn to the end of the line, some of the girls giggled at Finn as he walked by.

Finn was mortified to begin with, so I felt furious at them. We were feeling very sensitive that day. In all fairness they were probably just shocked and didn't know how to respond.

I prayed for Finn all morning, that he would feel confident.

When he got home from school, he gave me the 'thumbs up' and said he had a good day.

In his twerpy little voice Finn said, "The kids in class thought I was new! They did not believe it was me, but I kept saying 'It's me, Finn'. Then some of the boys said 'cool hair cut', and my teacher wants his hair cut just like mine. My hair is a BIG HIT."


Over the next few days I kept staring at Finn. Who was this boy? I did not recognize him at all.

We told Finn weeks in advance that he had to spike his hair for Easter. John wanted it spiked too, it wasn't just me.

Easter morning, Finn was feeling rather generous and announced "I will wear it spiked next Sunday too!"

Gosh he looks so much like John here.

After church on Sunday, Finn told me he would even wear it spikey to school that week. He then proceeded to enter this all-important data on our iCalendar:
Seriously, this kid kills me. He's so organized. Like a little old man.

I miss his old hair, but I am gradually coming to terms with this new hair cut.


  1. Your son is gorgeous. I love his little hair cut, brings out his eyes and fantastic lips.
    My son still struggles with me wanting to spike the front of his hair, its been 2 years.....whats the trick? :)

  2. I love, love, LOVE his new hair! He looks so much like John with it. He's the cutest thing, and I love his chart :0)

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  4. I love love love his new haircut, too. It's SOO cute! I'm glad he's getting use to it - it is quite a shock at first. And he looks so much more like his daddy now.

  5. AW! He looks like a little man..just adorable!

  6. I think Finn looks dreadfully handsome.

  7. I think Finn and Ollie look like twins now! They do look a lot like John.

    I think that Calvin and Twain will look like twins too.

  8. oh, and Finn's hair is adorable!!!!!!!!!!! You're just used to seeing it differently....you need a fresh pair of eyes and boom, he looks great! He looks more grown up which you probably don't want to hear but it's true and I think it suits his grown up personality. =0)

  9. it's so cute!! i think it's great. are you going to grow it out again?

  10. This post just about killed me- I LOVE his new "do" and I LOVE that he put it on the calendar. Hilarious and precious! Seriously though, I love it short like that-- I'd keep it if I were you! (and Finn was cool with that)

  11. maybe its because i just miss you or maybe its cos it makes me sad that all my hometown friends kids are growing up so fast without my watching it in person but this post made me cry a little. hes beautiful and i cannot believe how grown up he looks!

  12. He does look cool....

    we went through a hair thing with Eli last year. He used to LOVE getting his hair spiked up and doing the hawk thing... till one of his friends - one who he admires so much and looks up to, told him his hair looked funny and stupid... this broke my heart and his spirits. he wouldnt let us spike it again. still to this day he reminds us what his friend said and only likes it to the side... kids can be mean..... but YEA FINN being the hit in his class - that's Awesome..

  13. I really really love it. but you knew that =) and I can't believe how much he looks like john now!

  14. oh, sweet Finn. I think his new hair cut is just perfect (although I can understand how you felt about it at first). I love it!! I'm so glad you are BOTH adjusting to it. :)

  15. I don't know why but this totally made me tear up Davi! It was the part where he started getting nervous about school and then you said you walked by the girls and they giggled, I think I just reverted to mama-mode reading that and just FELT for you guys!
    He is OH SO HANDSOME with his new haircut, it looks really handsome on him, especially spiked in front! I can imagine what a shock it must've been but how ADORABLE is he entering into the iCalender?! LOL!! love it.

  16. Yup! My first thought was,"He looks like John!" Claudia

  17. A post about hair ... this must be why we are such dear friends! You crack me up. I think he looks older, but adorable! I think he just started to look a lot more grown up this past year! Is that what school does to a child?! =) I love the hair, but I have not asked you if you are going to keep it short?? If not he can grow his hair out with me and we can have goofy awkward stages together =)

  18. I am cracking up. I have a cousin named Finn who had long long hair until he was 4. I went to visit their family one afternoon and walked in the house seeing a little boy I didn't recognize with a buzzed head. I said, "Hi. What's your name?" And he said, "It's me, Finn!" He had buzzed his hair that afternoon and nobody knew yet. Ha. He grew it right back out and now he is 6, with long hair. :)

    That is too funny. Adorable blog and boys!

  19. OMG too darn cute!!! What a responsible little guy entering it into the calendar!

  20. You learned a valuable lesson about boys...they are very picky about their hair! I forced my two grandsons into a haircut. One loved it, one wouldn't get out of the car when we got home (he later got over it). You're right. Grandparents like shorter hair. I love Finn's new, more grown up look.

  21. I am so glad im not the only mom who is obsessed with their sons hair :0) i have this same problem. i cut Reids hair once when he was about 1 1/2, and cried for weeks... he just wasnt my baby anymore, he was like this foreign kid lol... So now its getting out of control but im wayy to scared to cut it... im sure if he could talk he would tell me he wants it gone but im not sure if im strong enough lol... i need your bravery!

  22. Finn's hair is super cute! I can imagine how traumatic it must have been to cut it though!

  23. Ohh my gosh, I am totally laughing about that calendar thing! That is too adorable!!!

  24. I love his new haircut! He definitely looks older. Logan is the complete opposite. He can't stand his hair to get even a little long and asks me everyday to take him to get it cut when he thinks he's ready. And he wants gel in it every. single. solitary. day. Kids are all so different. Lol.

  25. Awww. we had this happen too with our little Felix- I almost cried when his hair got positively butchered by the woman at cost cutters...he looked so different and I couldn't wait for it to grow back. Finn looks super cute with it spiked up, though. Felix just has too much forehead!

  26. Yep, take it from an elementary school secretary, kids can definitely be mean. But, so can adults. Taking all that into consideration it's a lesson in owning our personal choices. I happen to think he looks so darn cute. I remember the day I cut off my kindergartener's bowl haircut. I never got that little boyish look back again, but I got to witness one of his first chapters in growing up. It'll be a great memory for both of you.

  27. His haircut looks awesome! I understand mourning his old look though. My boys both hate when I want to gel their hair and make it spikey. bleh