April 5, 2010

Our Easter!

Hello Again! It's been a while!

Lent was wonderful, peaceful and relaxing. I read Ginger Plowman's Don't Make Me Count to Three, and spent lots of time trying to properly discipline my boys. They can be very wild and whiny at times. The main thing I learned was that I need to take much more time each day to discipline them. There are no short cuts. Also, there is no need for me to have a sharp tone of voice ever--even when my boys are bouncing off the walls ignoring me. Gosh, I could go on and on, but maybe I will write on that some other day.

I did not get around to reading Crazy Love, because I think my small group might do it some day. I mainly read my Bible instead. And you can't beat the Bible.

And I sewed. A lot, a lot, a lot.

But instead of being overwhelmed trying to give you a vast update on my previous 40 days, I think I shall just update you on our Easter festivities.

Otherwise I will never get a post done.

Here are the boys' Easter baskets this year. Nothing too fancy or special, but I still had lots of fun putting them together with love.

I am so excited that Twain is now officially in the 'kitty club'. He kept trying to steal Calvin's orange kitty, so I got him one just like it in gray.

Isn't it cute??

I thought it would be a good idea to take photos in our Easter clothes BEFORE church--before we turned into the inevitable train wreck that defines us most of these days.

So I dragged my boys onto the deck for a little photo shoot.

And yes, you must be in shock. Finn is sporting a new hair cut. I took him to have his hair cut on a total whim a few weeks ago. I think that deserves a post of its own! Yes, I shall write a whole post on that later this week.

It took me a loooooong while, but I am finally getting used to the new do.
And yesterday was the first day he let me spike the front. Actually, I forced him to let me spike it, but that's another story.

I love this photo because John and Twain look so sweet in the background.

John actually took this shot below of the boys' playing monster and I think it's my favorite shot of the day.

John actually took most of these photos because Twain was fussing and wanted me to hold him.

Oh and you are probably wondering about the white ruffle curtains in the background. Hm. Yah, I got new curtains for my family room. I know what you are thinking...

"Are you CRAZY??? What happened to your other curtains ??? They are not even that old!""

Yes, I am hopeless when it comes to curtains. Judge if you must. I totally deserve it.

I feel very sheepish to admit that I could no longer tolerate the previous curtains. The orange and black combined with the modern vibe just felt very jarring on my eyes. I think it was just too much for me.

So, I saved up and bought these white ruffle curtains instead. I must say, I like them so very much. They are very soft and romantic. I will have to show you how they look inside the house some other post.

Ollie and I have been hanging out non-stop lately. He's my little shadow. John was off for Easter break and so every morning, he let me sleep in(THANKS HONEY!). Ollie would come in to my room and hang out with me every morning until I got up. And show me each and every booboo. And say, "Oucht". Ollie is so very sweet to his mama.

Me and my barrel of boys. Oh how I love them!

We then went to church and enjoyed a wonderful service. Our pastor made a valiant attempt to prove that Jesus really DID rise from the dead. Basically, hundreds of people saw Jesus with their own eyes after he was raised from the dead. And these people were probably not lying, because they were willing to die for this belief. Someone might die for something they think is true, but rarely is someone willing to die for something they know is a lie.

There was much more to his sermon, but I shall not attempt to write it all out here!

After church, we changed into comfy clothes and went off to have lunch with John's family and do a little Easter egg hunt.

Here is Twain with his letter "T". It is tradition to have the eggs spell out the name or initial of the baby.

Twain kind of scares me--He knew EXACTLY what he was doing hunting for eggs.

Who does he think he is? Such a big shot.
He started walking at 10 months. I was kind of sad to have my baby grow up so fast. But he was giggling and clapping with each step he took. It was just too cute. I could not help but laugh too.

Twain officially is one of the boys. Or at least he thinks so!

And Ollie. Dear sweet Ollie.
He did not quite get the concept of hunting for eggs. We tried to help him find all the eggs first, and then eat them. Or save them. He would just rather crack the egg open on the spot and stuff his little cheeks with candy. We were not expecting that, and so next year we will force him to have more self control.

We had so much fun at Grandma Betty and Grandpa Ron's house.

Back at home, Finn and Calvin inspect their loot.

I got them some Football warm-up clothes in their Easter basket. Finn is really into Football these days and Calvin loves the color orange, so it was win-win for the boys! They begged me to let them wear them.

And they are wearing them again today. I am not too crazy about these uniforms, but it makes them happy. Such boys.

This post was longer than I intended. But it will take too many brain cells for me to decide what to cut out, so you get the long version!


  1. Oh, I missed you Davi! Welcome back to the blog world. Your Easter day sounds just perfect :)

  2. At last... the 41st day. ;0)

  3. Welcome Back :) I think Finn looks AWESOME!! Lovin his new do. Sounds like a lot of fun and great pics as always...

  4. OH I've MISSED YOU!!
    Do you realize...
    ...how much I have MISSED YOU?!
    After a quick scroll down the page, I see that everyone has grown up and looks so much older since you last posted.
    Okay, off to actually read the post...

  5. So glad you're back!!! I've missed you! Love love love Finn's haircut!! We got Major's cut short, too, in the last month or so. It was hard to get used to, but I love it now. He looks so grown up, just like your boy!

  6. SO thrilled that Finn let you/you forced him to spike his hair. it is UBER cute.
    thrilled by the new curtains...there's a little coveting going on over here =) thrilled your back. I missed you terribly. =)

  7. yayyyyy your back!!!!!

    i literally got teared up when i seen how grown up twain looked!

    beautiful pics!!

    love your curtains!

  8. davi!!!! oh, sweet davi. i've missed you so. i'm so happy you're back :) i missed seeing your sweet boys (that have grown SO much in 40days. geesh.) twain walking? finn with his new do? new curtains?

    this might take some time to get used to ;)

    & that's a lot of so's.

  9. I love those curtains! They are so adorable, no wonder you had to have them :) You must go to Riverlakes, because I seemed to have heard the same sermon ;)

  10. I'm so glad you are back and I love Finn's haircut. I cannot believe how much Finn, Ollie, and John look alike with his haircut like that.

  11. I've missed your posts and I'm so glad that you're back. WOW! Twain is walking already!! Rachel is still crawling and walking behind push toys... it's pretty cute! I love Finn's new hair cut too. He looks SO grown up. Looking forward to seeing what you've been up too. I've had a tough time keeping up on my blog. Facebook makes it too easy to keep up but not really journal anything.... I better get going on that.

  12. Wow Finn looks so big!! I love his haircut! Missed you and happy to see you are back. =)

  13. yay for the long version! :) I am glad that you are back!

  14. good to be reading you again :)
    did you notice that Finn looks sort of younger with shorter hair? you can use it as a time traveling device when you feel that time flies by too quickly.

  15. oh and i like your skirt.

  16. Welcome back Davi! You were missed.
    I can relate to Twain and Ollie's egg hunting stages. When Ali was one she totally got hunting for eggs and we hid the eggs for her several times over because she loved it. At two, not so much. She just wanted to open the egg in her hand and never got focused on the hunt.

  17. Glad you're back! Love, love the new curtains. Anthropolgie, right? One of my friends from work got them for her guest room and I was instantly in love. And Finn's new do? LOVE IT! He looks SOOOO much like Ollie, or viseversa I guess. :)

  18. The curtains looks way cute! I want to see them in the house too! Where did that chair come from? I'm charmed. Happy to see the blog again and talk to ya soon!

  19. Your guys are so adorable! What creativity you have in organizing your easter egg hunt....I think I let the boys hide eggs for each other! I love all the different personalities of your boys and how evident those differences are in your photos! My guys are like night and day and it is so amazing to see just how unique God created them! Thanks for sharing and I love seeing you back here!

  20. oh davi, I know I told you on Facebook but as I read through this post again I just have to say again, I MISSED YOUR POSTS! I missed hearing about your boys and seeing their precious faces. I missed being inspired by you and the mother you are! But I am oh so glad that you enjoyed your time away, your boys have grown SO MUCH since we last saw you!!
    I cannot get over Finn's new 'do, he looks so handsome, so much more like John now!
    I cannot believe Twain is walking, he's still such a smoodgy little baby in my head haha! I love the photo of him just chillin with the boys LOL!

    oh! And I adore those curtains, oh so much! As much as I loved the others those truly are so romantic and flowy and magical! Will you share where you purchased them?

  21. So lovely to have "internet Davi" back! And I love the new curtians ... like really really really love them! And the boys ... don't get me started on the cuteness of the boys!

  22. Where o where do I begin?! First off, WELCOME BACK!!! I remembered on Monday that you should be back soon!! YAY! :) Your pink sandels are simply adorable! I'm definitely swooning over here!

    When I first saw the post, I just looked at the pics until I had time to read it all...and when I saw the single pic of Finn with his hair cut, I thought "whoa, Ollie really grew up a LOT in those 40 days!" And then I realized it was FINN!!! He looks even more handsome than before, as if that were even possible! You will definitely be fighting off the {little} ladies now!

    And Twain is WALKING?!?! Holy stinking cow!

    Oh yeah, and can I buy your old curtains off of you?! ;-)

  23. So glad you're back. I've missed you and seeing those darling boys! Sounds like you had a perfect Easter!

  24. I, like everyone else, am glad to have a little Davi back in my day. I think I am slowly coming back to being a better blogger!

    Such a smart mama for getting the Easter shot early. I didn't even get a single picture of Ada Lee because she slept through most of the afternoon. In fact, Grady didn't even officially open his own Easter basket because he slept late that morning. I don't know if my children were ever even in the same room that day!

  25. I'm a very slow commenter these days.... but OH how GLAD glad glad glad and one more GLAD I am that you're back in the blogging world!! Seriously, I don't think I realized how much I missed you and your boys until I saw this post and it was just like a ray of sunshine into my soul. HEHE. :)

    I love this whole post times a million... the baskets, your lovely new curtains, your boys' sweet faces and outfits, Finn's hair (!!), Twain walking (!!!!!!!), beautiful you... nope, you're not ever allowed to leave for 40 days ever again. I won't stand for it.


  26. Yay! So glad you're back! Your posts are always so fun to read. Your boys are so stinkin' handsome! What a fun Easter.