June 19, 2010

Dear Daddy,

We love you because

you make us pancakes every saturday morning,

you take us out to play baseball after dinner,

or to the park,

or play board games with us.

You encourage us to work hard doing our chores, and teach us how to handle money.
You make us yummy snacks when mommy wants to feed us nuts and sticks.

You are always kind, patient and gentle when we are hard to handle,

and you help mommy by cleaning the kitchen every night.

You read to us all the time,

and pray with us and tuck us in every night.

We love you daddy! You are our best friend!

Your little men.


  1. I know John is so proud of his boys. I have always been proud of John and all his accomplishments but this is the best. God has truly bless you. Have a Happy Father's Day.

  2. Precious. He is one amazing father =) And {as always} could the boys be any cuter?!

  3. The part I love the best is that he tucks them into bed and prays with them every night! Tell him we said to keep it up until they leave your home. Teenage boys do NOT outgrow the need for this. You are making a great start!!! Claudia

  4. Davi,

    This is precious! What a wonderful dad you chose for your kiddos. But can it really be that Ollie is almost as tall as Calvin?!? And is he wearing Calvin's yellow shoes?!

    Miss you guys! Hope you're having a great summer.

  5. We are so lucky with the daddies in our lives!

  6. what wonderful pictures! your boys are just so dang cute!