June 22, 2010

Gone to the birds

I've slowly been working at sprucing up my family room. Key word here is SLOW. I mentioned a while ago that I got some new curtains. I have always been drawn to white curtains, perhaps because they are light and airy.

And lots of birds have taken up residence in my home as of late. It was not intentional--it just sort of happened!

Bird #1 landed on my piano.

I found the silly bird at one of my favorite antique stores. I wasn't sure if it was ugly or charming, but bought it anyway. Back at home, I fell in love with it. I love how it goes with my favorite green candle sticks{awesome gift from my sister Lindsay}.

I'm still not sure if the bird is ugly or cute, but love it regardless.

I was also haphazardously throwing around ideas for pillows, and started off in this direction:
Had lots of fun learning to make rolled roses. But the overall look of this pillow was too fussy for my home.

So I took a minor U-turn and started another pillow. Enters bird #2.

The blue button seen in the yellow rose is actually a vintage earring that I found at my antique store. I think it adds a little *bling*.

Then my dear friend Becca inspired me with her doily pillows...and I think Lorie was making a pillow with some sort of crochet overlay{not sure what you used Lor, or how it turned out!}. Thanks for the inspiration girls! Hope you don't mind sharing your brilliance!

Enters bird #3 on another pillow.

I spied the above yellow/gold doily at my favorite antique store and my heart skipped a beat...but when I saw the hefty price tag(a whopping $6.75), I initially put it back thinking I could find it cheaper elsewhere.

Um no.

So I slunk back and {happily} forked over the bucks. I think it was worth it.

I also purchased a bunch of vintage buttons, some of which are seen at the end of this branch.

The green pillow has the other vintage earring and a funky blue pin I got for $1.

And then I was minding my own business, somehow meandering through Anthropologie, some 100+ miles from home... you know...just in the neighborhood...

and BAM! Enters birds #4, #5 and #6 galore, in some dishtowels.

My first thought was to turn these dish towels into pillows:

But, back at home they perched so happily in my kitchen, I did not have the heart to dismantle them. Plus, all the embroidered teacups scream KITCHEN! Yup, they belong in the kitchen.

Then, once again, minding my own business (in Joanns), when some aqua fabric jumped out at me. It reminded me of the aqua dish towel above.

After hemming and hawing for half and hour(the last thing I needed was more fabric), I decided to buy it. Came to $2.45, LOL.

I scanned the anthro birds from my dishtowel to my computer and embroidered me some birds.

Totally knocked off the birds, down to the colors. Shameful I tell you.

And for the first time in a while, pink was allowed in my house. It's on the middle birdie. Pink floss #3328, to be precise.

And this mustard yellow pillow was constructed using a fun thick crochet doily.

One of my favorite buttons is the sparkly yellow one on the blue dotted rose.

I could not find a grey throw anywhere, so I made this one from some reversible wool fabric. I made my own bias tape using the same fabric, which was exciting, but did a cruddy job matching the corners. Got a little lazy.

I'm currently working on another little project involving picture frames--almost done, but not quite. I am painfully slow these days. Everything is taking me waaaay too long to complete, including this blog post, so I shall sign off for now!

Toodles, and happy decorating! Or sunning--whatever you are doing these beautiful first days of summer!


  1. oh i love birds too! did you know that? everything looks so good! you inspire me...

  2. like i have always said - i am so so going to be you when i grow up..... ;)

    what kind of fabric did you embroider the birds on to go on the pillow?????

    loving all of it miss davy.

  3. Wow you are awesome! I find this post very inspiring. I love your vintage/antique style!

    Do you sell your creations online?

  4. Sew cute Davi! I love all your pillows but my favorite is the blue and white embroidered one with the rolled flowers and earring center. Brilliant! You are always so inspiring to me. Thanks for the great start to my day! xoxo Suzanne

  5. It is all so BEAUTIFUL friend! Gosh, you are sure making me want to add something more to my doily pillows...hmm.

  6. I am so inspired! I love your style and trust me...you aren't slow at anything!

    Your piano makes me wish I had kept my old piano...I just couldn't find a place for it... I should have painted it aqua!

    I have been thinking about doing something new with our pictures and need some cool old frames, I love yours and your family room is GORGEOUS!

  7. Eeep! It is soooooo cute!. Ack! I want to come live there right now!

  8. I am so madly in love with all your pillows!! I MUST learn how to make them-- so stinkin beautiful! They are PERFECT! *is very jealous*

  9. Love the birds. Can i have a copy of them too. They need to come nest at my house two. You are amazing. cheryl hancock (becca's mom)

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE. and I can't promise one of those anthro bird towels won't come home with me this weekend, because I am ITCHING for new towels.

    it's all just too beautiful and fun and whimsical and LOVELy. just like you.

  11. Oh my gosh!! Can I have all of your stuff?? I love everything!! And the colors, so nice!

  12. So pretty! I've been wanting to change up the brown on our walls for grey. Do you remember the name of the paint on your walls?

  13. Love your style girl. I don't know how you find time to do any of that with four little ones to care for. You are amazing!

  14. Holy moly I love everything you do! Where do you get all of this talent from??

  15. thanks all for being so sweet.

    Kiley--I mostly use cream denim because it's sturdy. I hate embroidering on stretchy fabric. Also, if the fabric is too light weight, you can sometimes see the knots and threads from the back showing through.

    Cap Creations--I currently don't sell anything online. I just don't have enough time right now! Maybe when I am old and grey:)

    Kara! Can't believe you sold your old piano!

    Cheryl--thanks for popping by. I can email Becca the birds if you want them!

    Lin--Can't wait for Jess to teach you how to sew.

    Lor--They also had an adorable yellow dishtowel I was thisclose to buying. Check it out!

    See Sherm--I think it's Universal Grey by Glidden, but it's too dark for my liking. I wish I went a little softer and lighter.

  16. Um, so I'm impressed that you got ANY of that done. You go!

    All very inspiring and adorable creations. I especially like one of those last pillows with the thick mustard doily. I have tons like that folded in a cabinet from my grandma and never know quite what to do with them. I love the thought that I could make them part of my home! Wonderful inspiration!

  17. seriously...i love your house!! my home is so country sometimes i want to throw some things like that around..but they would never go!
    you are soooo crafty, i love it!!!!

  18. I am dying at the cuteness of this post! Your house seems just so dreamy and colorful and is so inspiring!!

    Amazing job on those pillows!

  19. You are so inspiring. Seriously. Also, when your little blue bird popped up my husband and I both "awwed" it is so darling!

  20. That bird is a sweetie-pie! It's inspiring me to get with the program and make some cute pillows for my lonely couch! thanks.

  21. Gorgeous. I am beyond impressed. How did you learn to make all the flowers? I recently attempted a project with some rosettes (should have it on my blog soon) but yours are so much prettier!

    Can't wait to see your next project :)

  22. the pics in your dinning room are just stunning. what a lovely little home!

  23. GAH! I DIE!!! You do SUCH an amazing job at making your home so warm and inviting and beautiful!! I love it all so much!

  24. when I first read this post and saw all you've been creating my jaw literally dropped. Seriously, Davi... everything is SO amazing and lovely!! I think you've got more talent and creativity in your little finger than some people (ahem, me) will ever possess. But I am so inspired by this post-- it makes me want to get going on my many projects and finish things!

    LOVE your style, friend. I'm tempted to move in ;)

  25. ps. I meant to say, the birds are too perfect. I also have a bird obssession!!

  26. Your pillows are fantastic! Will you please consider joining the Pillow Fight? More info here http://capcreations.blogspot.com/2011/06/i-dare-you-to-join-this-pillow-fight.html