June 29, 2010

swim 2010

I am not a strong swimmer. Never have been. Probably never will be.

I don't really like to dunk my head under water. The water hurts when it goes up my nose.

I prefer to just bob aimlessly in the pool. It's kind of pathetic, but that's just how it is.

Which is in stark contrast to the folks round here. The kids here practically have a black belt in swimming. I kid you not. I know several kids Finn's age and younger who are already in competitive swim meets. It's very serious business.

There is no way we can(or want to)compete with all that, but I do want my boys to have a love for swimming, even if I do not.

So I signed them up last year with the best swim teacher in town. And did so again this year.

Originally we signed Ollie up too, but decided he was not ready this year. A decision we might regret, considering he fell into a water fountain recently and was floundering helplessly til I fished him out. Little Oolie Boolie. I love you and your ratty old kitty.

Finn's confidence in the water sky-rocketed this year. I could hardly believe the transformation from years past.

Here's my squirt jumping off the diving board. The DIVING BOARD, omyword! Are they even legal anymore???

Here we go. Mama is a bit nervous. Finn is here and Mr. Bonetti is waaaaaay over there, halfway across the pool.


I'm on the edge of my seat, waiting for my eldest to resurface.

And there he is! He's swimming toward the side of the pool.

He makes it to safety!

And the crowd goes wild!

I was so proud of Finn for accomplishing this mighty feat all by himself.

Pffft. And they called him a 'sinker' a few years back.

God bless you Mr. Bonetti.

And then Calvin Jack was up to bat.

Dear sweet Calvin.

He was anything but happy about swim this year.

He was very apprehensive and even tried to play sick.

"C'mon Calvin! Get up! Grab your flip-flops. We are going to be late. It's tiiiiiiime to gooooooo!" I barked unsympathetically at the little pile on my kitchen floor.

"Jeepers, Davi, have a little compassion", John said. "He's terrified. Swim lessons are scary".

And I instantly turned to mush. I felt a bit ashamed of myself. I had no idea how abrupt I sounded until John pointed it out.

So I gently prodded my little 4-year-old out the door.

He really did fine last year, so I was surprised by his reluctance.

Mr. Bonetti's demeanor changed when he was dealing with Calvin. He was a drill Sergeant with Finn, but he turned into a big ole softy with my Calvin.

"Am I going to drop you?" he asks every time Calvin gets into the water.

"Nooooooooo!" is the answer.

I die from Calvin's precious little arrow--his squishy arms together, as best as he can manage.

It's in these rare moments, I am so thankful to be around to behold these fleeting glimpses of Calvin's remaining 'baby spark'.

He might be 4. But he's still little and precious. Trying to be big.

There was one day, though, when Calvin dared to defy Mr. Bonetti.

"Calvin, swim to me" Mr. Bonetti ordered.

"No." Calvin said in a whimper. And then practically whispering "You're too far".

And this occurred 3 or 4 times in a row. Gasp.

Mr. Bonetti did NOT tolerate this insubordination very well. He got a little tough on Calvin. Which is what I LOVE about Mr. Bonetti. He knows when to be strict and when to be sweet.

And yes, that is a look of trepidation and terror you see on his face.

He needed MUCH coaxing to jump off of the diving board.

And away we go! Overall, Calvin did just fine. He can swim.

I'm sure they will all be in swim lessons again next year. Until then, we need to practice lots.

John is so cute--he took Finn and Calvin to the community pool yesterday. Something I personally do not have the ambition to try.


  1. Ahhh...they're getting so big! It was really your sweet post about Mr. Bonetti from last year that made me SURE I would sign Aubrey up with him this year. I had heard about him before, but I wasn't sure exactly how he would be until I read that post from you. And we LOVE him! I could totally hear his voice as I read this because he has to repeat that phrase to Aubrey about a million times! :) Maybe you should sign Finn up for a summer swim team next year...like through parks and rec. He's got a great thin build for a swimmer and it looks like he's got good form!

  2. I love getting to see what the boys are up to! They are getting so grown up, but are still just so stinkin' cute. What fun!

  3. Barbie! I'm so excited that you signed Aubrey up with him! And even more excited that you guys loved him! Can't wait to see to see photos!(if you took any)

  4. WE love Mr. Bonetti, Paul swam on his swim team in High School! Good for you fro getting your boys happy in the water, not always easy but they will enjoy b-day parties and swim parties so much more and they will be safe!

    We have a pool and made our kids learn immediately (Paul and I are both "swimming type") but it was purely so they would be safe!!! Now they just have fun!

    Love your pics and I love that I am not the only one who just bobs around in the pool!

    We would love to have the boys over sometime to swim this summer! Talk soon Davi!

  5. Good job, Calvin and Finn! Brett Bonetti is the best. He taught two of my three many years ago at the Racquet Club. It means everything to know your kids are safe in the water. Thanks for sharing the great pictures!

  6. jenn@thelovesofjennJune 30, 2010 at 2:42 PM

    So sweet! It's a must to know how to swim :) I've heard that Mr. Bonetti is the best...looks like I've heard right. Adorable photos as always.

  7. Wonderful photos! Beautiful boys =)

  8. I love it, it looks like such wonderful fun Davi, I am sure we will try him next year!

  9. Between Mr. B and Mr. M, we have some pretty amazing men in our kiddo's lives, huh?!

    You did such a great job documenting this! I spent most of my time at lessons dealing with Grady in a not so pleasant way...I was lucky to get one snapshot on the last day. Next year I must try harder! :)

  10. I always love your swimming lesson pictures! hurrah for your boys doing so well! Mr. Bonetti sounds like a dream teacher.