August 7, 2010

In which I could not resist.

Not that I am a baseball fan.

Not that I have sworn allegiances to the Giants.

Buuuuuut. After reading this
Dodger's post by Lorie, I just could not help myself:)

She may have just inspired me to post a picture that Finn drew regarding this terse subject matter:

I have highlighted in arrows, some of the finer points of Finn's pictorial representation of this age old rivalry between the SF Giants and LA Dodgers.

  • My favorite being the pink underwear that is worn by a Dodger's outfielder(bottom left). It just doesn't get much better than that. Finn came up with that all on his own. Makes his papa proud.
  • And to the bottom right, we have a Dodger that is beaten and bloody.
  • To the far right we have a Dodger than fell upside down.
  • And I could not help but notice, that the score in the upper left reads SF:12, LA:0.

Looks like the Dodgers are getting spanked(by my sons, I might add. If you look closely, the Giants players on the right have jerseys with the names Twain, Ollie, Calvin and Finn) Love you Lor. Nothing personal--hope we can still be friends:)

No smack talk here. I'm just the casual unbiased reporter on the sidelines.


  1. Ok, this was hilarious! Hahahaha. I especially love the bloody Dodger! I may have to be on your side here :x

  2. I think I will not show Jim this post--- I prefer he love his nephews, lol. ;) I love the addition of the "bloody Dodger" and the pink underwear. Finn is hilarious! (Even if we do not see eye to eye on the subject matter!) :)

  3. hahahahahahaha. I laughed so hard Henry started laughing too. =) oh too funny! I have to admit, I'm not a "fan" of any team, but a HUGE fan of free tickets! =)

  4. dude. that finn is HILARIOUS. haa! a dead bloody dodger. bahaaa! too much.

    i get to squeeze you tomorrow! i hear you're a shorty? :) haaa! that makes for an awkward neck hug. KIDDING! can't WAIT!

  5. MJ-me? a shorty? nah. I'm 5'3"!

    Can't wait to see you!

  6. Your boys are so cute and funny!! I love seeing Finn's drawings!!

    Also, I am so glad molly got to meet up with you gals!! So cool to see the blogging world meet up in real life!

  7. I just showed the girls but, Aaron hasn't seen it yet! Too cute! We love you even if you are Giants fans! :)