August 29, 2010

finds of the day

Last weekend, my little sister and her husband Jim came up for a visit. Lindsay was in the market for some frames{and maybe fabric} and I was so very excited to be their tour guide around town.

When we saw the following frames, it was a done deal! They came as a set--Lindsay got the green one and bought me the mustard yellow one as an early birthday present. Because she is awesome like that.

That night I immediately took the picture out. Not sure yet what I will replace it with, but I have some ideas.

The yellow part you see is actually velvet.

And we found something else too...

I first laid eyes on this vintage chenille bedspread a few weeks ago, folded neatly in a bag.
It was $30, and I {reluctantly} put it back.

However, since Lindsay was in need of some fabric I hatched an idea. We could split the cost and cut the bedspread in half.

Though it did seem criminal to cut this lovely piece in half. A better person would probably not have done this.

I got over it real quick and snip, snip, snip!

It is in pristine condition and is some of the loveliest vintage fabric I ever saw.

Too many ideas. Pillows, dishtowels, etc. No time right now, but soon enough!

We had SO much fun hanging out with Lin and Jim, celebrating our last brouhaha before the school year officially started. BBQ with carne asada and fresh salsa...YUM.

Oh and Linsday brought me up another "surprise" for my early birthday. Let me explain.

I was shopping for a particular tunic shirt at and decided to go in to my Macys to try to find it. No such luck, they did not even carry the shirt. By the time I got home and went to buy it online, it was sold out in my size. It had gone on sale 50% off.

So, I found a different tunic shirt at I liked the simplicity of this olive green shirt. Plain, like a uniform, I could wear it all the time:

It was long enough to wear with leggings. And I loved that it had short sleeves. Lately I prefer short sleeves to tanks. Plus, I could easily chase boys wearing this outfit.

Off to forever 21 to buy it.

Not at store. Same drill. Went home to buy online and you guessed it. SOLD OUT in my size and color {and sold out in most colors and sizes for that matter}. And this was a new arrival shirt. What??? Who else could possibly want this shirt? How could it sell out so soon?

I called a few other forever 21 stores. They had one is my size, at a distant location, so I put it on hold. I called Lindsay to see if she might be in that area. And she said she could go there that night! And Lindsay is SUCH a dear and bought me the whole outfit for my birthday. It was SO sweet of her. THANKS Lin! I love my "surprise"! (John always makes fun of me for picking out my presents ahead of time).

We had so much fun and I am so happy to have BOTH of my sisters in the same state! We shall get into much trouble together!


  1. those are some cool picture frames!!

    what in the world was in!!

    you sis is a blonde you..hehe :)

    birthday presents rock!

  2. i went ALL over on Thursday looking for frames to add to my frame wall. where do you find these treasures? all the ones i saw were SO expensive.

  3. That was such a fun weekend! We had a great time and I LOVE my vintage treasures. Yes-- I see much more trouble in the future :)

  4. oh! what fun treasures! i LOVE the frames with the velvet inside. i have one on my piano wall & it's my FAVE :) that vintage fabric is AMAZING!! swoon. drool. swoon. can't wait to see what you do with it. perhaps a pillow for your dear blog friend, molly june? HA! it was a nice try, eh?

    & that sister of yours? she seems like a real keeper ;) she bought you a frame & an outfit?! (or was that a different sister? i think i'm confused. ha.) STILL. pretty great! LOVE!

  5. that yellow blanket is rad.

    love when you can find things that are unique.

  6. aren't sisters the best :)

    sheesho, i envy your sewing capabilities......

    when YOU see cute fabric - your mind rambles about the pillows and towels you will make

    when I see cute fabric - my mind quicky drifts to my 'singer simple' sewing machine, that has been taken out of the box once, yet quickly shoved back in when i couldn't even figure out how to string the thread :) (that's probably not proper sewing talk, "string the thread" hehe)

    however - you're inspiring......and someday, i make me a pillow or a towel.....or BOTH!
    'just like davi does'.

    CUTE framies too.