August 31, 2010

a tutorial of sorts

I was busy cleaning up the family room when I heard Calvin piping up from the front room.
Sitting atop the desk{as is his custom} he said,

"Mommy, I can draw a picture of bird poop".

At first, I thought nothing of his outrageous claim--I was busy cleaning! Then I remembered that they are only little once. So I stopped in my tracks and said, "Oh really? Let's see it!"

Lo and Behold...

And for all you DIYs{do-it-yourselfers} out there, here is a tutorial just for you. Instructions by Calvin, age 5.

1) Color a little black spot

2) Color over your black spot with a white crayon.

It's as simple as that folks! You are now well on your way to making your very own bird poop. Imagine the possibilities. You can totally fake out your husband by coloring it on the front window of his car. No? Alrighty then!

Thank you Calvin Jack, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to enlighten us!


  1. hi, i found your blog through my friend autumn. i just have to comment that i literally laughed out loud to myself when i read this. so funny! i have a one year old boy and i can't wait for the moments like this! hilarious!

  2. Love his creativity. Def. better than some of the so called art out there...

  3. this is GENIUS!!!!!!!!
    i love it.......

    in fact,
    i think i may zoom down the hall to our art teacher and share this with her :)

    thank you calvin jack for this inspiration, hehe!!!!

  4. oh, and thanks for the instructions Calvin! We'll be sure to draw our own bird poop!

  5. Oh my goodness - this killed me.
    I just cracked up at my desk while at work!

  6. yessssssssss printing out the tutorial for miles.

  7. THIS is why I read your blog. I need a good laugh every now and then... there is never a dull moment in your household. I have fallen in love with your boys. When are you coming back to Precepts... I miss you. Claudia

  8. how artistic and realistic! I'm so glad you shared Calvin's newfound ability with us... because one never knows when one might need to bust out some bird poop, after all. :)

  9. That is so freakin' HILARIOUS! What a cutie! I did not know how to draw bird poop. Learn something new every day! :)