October 19, 2010

pumpkin patch 2010

***edited***HAHAHAHA. Hindsight is actually 20/20, not 50/50. I ALWAYS mess up my sayings. John could write a book. Just ask him.

One of my favorite things about our pumpkin patch is how the sunlight softly filters through the trees and casts a magical glow...

When we arrived, however, it was unseasonably dark and gloomy. As we walked into the patch, I felt a few raindrops. We almost left, but decided to make the best of our venture. If only I had known we were actually going to have some real fall weather, we at least could have bundled up in our fall-colored cute wool sweaters.

Aw well. Hind sight 50/50. So though the patch was a bit stark and dark and we were...um...colorful.

I have completely given up on trying to dress Finn in warm clothes. He pretty much boycotts long pants until December, when I force him to wear them to school(just so they don't think I am a neglectful mother). And he complains the whole time.

Ollie loves to turn his back on my camera, so I have a lot of photos like this.

I heart plaid pants.

Twain's pumpkin/squash/gourde (whatever it is) looks like a lemon to me.

Calvin's got a little twinkle in his eyes.

Finn loves to hug and hold his baby brother. It's so very sweet and always warms my heart.

The wind started to pick up right about here.

Finn took this photo while daddy went to run back to the car for some popcorn. The natives were getting hungry.

We packed little brown bags of popcorn for each kid.

I think it was the highlight of their trip.

The older boys were escorting Twain back to mommy and daddy and he was not so happy about this. He looks so rum, it makes me laugh. Twain is so easy-going, but can also have such a little attitude at times. No-oo-ooo is one of his favorite words.

Twain starting to zone on daddy. I love his little hand.

But he instantly perked up when he spotted the goats. I die from the little pointing finger.

Ollie did not part with his brown bag til every single morsel of popcorn was devoured. Seriously, the popcorn was the best snack ever for a little outing such as this.

And Twain is officially zonked.

Trying to rally for a group photo.

And our one effort for the family photo.

John then escorted the two younger boys back to the car, while Finn, Calvin and I ran around the patch like crazy people making our final pumpkin selections. Finn and Calvin chose some white pumpkins because they wanted to carve storm troopers. I will show you photos of our pumpkins later on. Half of them are on my piano and the other half are still buried in the garage somewhere. I am really excited about them though!


  1. 1. You look so so great!
    2. Those boys and their pants...killing me
    3. You make me want to have at least three move babes.

  2. Wonderful photos Davi. Love the reference to pants. When we dress to go out Bill ALWAYS asks if he can wear shorts. So funny. Some things just never change. PS. Did you see what John is wearing? Thanks for sharing your outing with us.

  3. here's a few things.

    1. i'm mad at autumn cause the whole post i had a list in my head and she stole my idea.

    2. i love the pants and you're more than welcome to pass those puppies down when you're done with them.

    3. i love your shirt/pants/boots.

    4. i love finn's toothless smile.

    5. love you!

  4. you look so pretty!!

    i seriously can not believe how big twain looks..sheesh.

    looks like an awesome trip!

  5. Wow great photos you got there!

    I was wondering, cause I think you are a local girl as i believe I found you through another local (B town). Anyway could you please tell me where you get Calvin's hair cut? I have a little one with just about the same length hair but is always trimmed so straight. I love how Calvin's hair seem to turn under. And i really do not think you curl it! :)

  6. Stop it stop it stop it! You guys can NOT be this cute! It is killing me! And where did you get Twain's hat? Did you make it? Love you!

  7. cutest darn family pumpkin pics of the year! DINGDING! the plaid pants? i die too. & you look so good. shake your money maker! or something like that :)

  8. Oh goodness all, thanks for your kind words. I felt like we looked a bit messy and I was super critical of all pictures containing myself. There were quite a few shots my shirt looked awful at certain angles.

    Cap Creations: I just cut Calvin's hair myself. I have tried many places and usually they end up making him look worse. His hair does have more body than Finn's hair and so that is why it looks turned under. I do not curl it. Finn's hair would always fall flat and that is why he no longer sports the longer hair!

    And mommy diffee--no, i did not make Twain's hat! I bought it at naartje. i believe lorie showed me their website. so thanks Lorie!

    And Suzanne...you are right. Finn is John's son. They both wear shorts when I think it's too cold.

  9. Uhhhh...can I just pinch all your cheeks! You guys are adorable. I love the plaid pants.I might need to make some! Paul and my guys LIVE in shorts...Paul still thinks he should wear them to weddings...he did once.

    great pics and you have adorable kids!!!

  10. How on earth are those little boys getting so stinking big?! I love Finn's missing teeth photo! And I love white pumpkins too...except I don't carve stormtroopers out of them! ;-)

  11. I look forward ALL year for your pumpkin patch, fall pictures, I kid you not. And I was not dissapointed!

    PS Tell your kids to stop growing imediatly!

  12. such great photos. you have SUCH beautiful family, you really do, not like you don't already know, but they're all so stunning-including you-you hot mama you!

    happy fall!

  13. davi!!!!!! ohmygoodness ohmygoodness!!!! these photos are adorable. well, i mean your boys are adorable. and YOU!?!??! that photo of you with the boys, when the wind is starting to pick up....YIKES - you're a model. bing. bang. boom. do your boys know how beautiful their momma is?! inside AND out my dear ;)

    rock those colors girl!
    love their brightness :)

  14. I'm dying over their pants...LOVE! Great pics as always!