October 6, 2010

in our bags and around the house.

Every day I rummage through Finn's backpack. I quickly sift through all the generic worksheets and chuck them(shh don't tell) in search of any papers with a bit more personality.

Ok, let's see...here we are practicing the letter "C". Ho-hum...about to get canned, but wait. Turn it over.

On back they can draw whatever they want that starts with the letter "C".

"C" is for CAT...and...Colorado? Hold on a sec. I'll be right back.

Yep, that square is the shape of Colorado. I should know that. This mama is not so great at geography.

And on the back of the letter "F" worksheet...I spy a green Florida...yes, phew, I did recognize that shape.

When I was on my lent blogging break, Finn and Calvin were on a gigantic geography kick. Here are some photos I dug out of the archives.

And the whole world.

And I bet geography isn't so bad if you think of it as a puzzle...except as a kid I hated puzzles. I think I am the only person I know who does not like snuggling with a big huge puzzle over apple cider in the foggy months of December.
The other day I found Finn sitting down at his little table outside, looking oh-so-serious. With little crayons in hand, he was drawing an accurate rendering of our backyard:

I tried to take a pic of what he was seeing, but my camera is not panaramic...so here ya go.

I'm particularly fond of his orange pot.
A little while ago Finn and I had a conversation that went like this:

Finn: "Mommy, what is your favorite color?"

Me: "Why, mustard yellow o'course"

Finn: "Ahhhhhg(slapping hand to forhead). I thought it was eggplant!"

Poor thing. He tries to keep up, but that was soooo yesterday. He always likes to know my fav color so he can draw my clothes the correct color. Bless his heart.

Yesterday(or was it today? I am in a total time warp today) I found this drawing by Calvin Jack.

Do you have any idea what's going on in this picture?

Give me your best guess. Winner gets an "atta-boy".

And while I was taking photos of the boys' work on the deck, can you believe who snuck in the house AGAIN for the 3rd day in a row?

Yah, it's Buddah.

Looks like I am not the only one experiencing the joys of CAT INVASION.
John and the boys walk around with puppy-dog-eyes, begging me for a cat.

I say no.

Because I am mean.

So I tried to be nice and pretend what it would be like to have a cat for a few minutes.

Oh so dreamy.

Check out Calvin's eyes.

And his happy smile.

Even Finny seems enamored.

Well, that was nice. I send Buddah back outside. In the rain. Because I'm mean, remember?

Aw, so sweet.

And sad at the same time.


Even I was starting to warm up to the "cat" idea.

I was starting to feel all nostalgic and teary-eyed. Sniff.

Alright Buddah. Let's talk.

Oh, look at our little footsy-prints and paw-prints together.

Maybe I'm falling in love...

Click, click, a few more pictures of our future cat.

Then BAM, out of nowhere, Buddah is ticked at my camera and lunges for me, scratching my leg. No lie.

Abrupt end to kitty love.

Nice try John and boys. Buh-bye Buddah.

I ran screaming into the house and sprayed my leg with Bactine copious amounts of time, so as not to contract some bacterial infestation.

Crazy psychotic cat tried to take me down.


  1. hehe they love kitties..how sweet!

    I love kittens..but not a fan of CATS..ahhahaha..weirdo.i know.

  2. totally hilarious cat story.
    i am NOT a cat fan.
    our neighbors have one of those burnt orange-ish ones, and i can't help but say its u-g-l-y. and he 'leaves his mark' in our landscaping. ugh.
    oh, and cats make me sneeze.

    oh my goodness oh my goodness.......ok seriously. your boys are SO creative and artistic (not suprised though - check out their momma!) but seriously. they should probably meet up with talia's girls and teach a peer art class. their creativity is outta this world. (speaking from someone who works at an elementary school - i'm tellin ya, they are totally rockin the right side of their brain) but WOWZA that geography!? now that's amazing. clearly they can rock the left side too - lining up all those states in order.
    you've got some smart little boys there davi :)

  3. Well the boys clearly have their daddies eyes (see photo #9). And it's Planet Wars of course (the sequel to Star Wars). And let's lighten up on the cat bashing here. Kitties make wonderful pets, teach responsibility and can suck the breath out of sleeping babies. Hold your ground Davi - you know who would be feeding and cleaning up after the cat.

  4. I can't wait until conrad is in school and gets to bring home cute little homework sheets. how sweet.

    my in laws have a cat (we dont have any animals) and everytime i tell conrad that we're going over to grandma's house, he repeats "MEOW, MEOW!" the whole way there because he's obsessed with her cat. It makes me feel guilty for not getting him his own kitty!

    The boys look handsome as ever.
    great photos!

  5. Hahaha! You are hilarious D! I love Finn's Colorado picture and yes, I do remember the geographical issues...something about Alaska being located in the Middle East. :)
    When did Finn start writing his name as Finnley?
    And how cute is Buddah?! Just look at Calvin's eyes?! You seriously need a cat...they are not all like that! Get a sweet little male kitten and it will grow up loving you!

  6. Do you want Owen? He doesn't have claws (except one thumb) and he's pretty much the nicest most tolerant bundle of sleepy love anyone could ever want. :) And I was thinking the same thing - Planet Wars. Also, I seriously think you're kids are crazy advanced in the drawing/spacial awareness/observance arena. Crazy advanced.

  7. oh help it. my cats won't leave. and the mom gets mad at me all the time which i don't understand cause i fed her.

    (don't tell anyone. i fed them a chicken breast.)

  8. I adore your meandering posts that take us here and there and everywhere. I think they're my favorite!

    Your boys' drawings are always astounding. The geography ones AMAZE me. They took the time to draw all those countries?? Seriously. My mind is blown. They need to come over and teach my girls some of that, because geography is not my strong point. haha.

    Are Calvin's planets playing baseball? I thought I could spy a bat and the right formation in there... hmmm...

    Buddha looks so sweet. Too bad he had to show you his meanypants side! :) The kitty/window pictures are SO great. such amazing shots.

  9. FINN! i wonder what he'll be? an artist? a designer? whatever it is, the girl that marries that boy is gonna be good & SET. (shame on me)

    "the winner gets an atta boy!" bWHAHAHAAHAHAA! you are the FUNNIEST.

    what's up with all the cat stories on blogs these days? i'm starting to get itchy. cats. yuck. they make me think of the devil.

  10. Suzanne and Ellie are the winners! Calvin drew the solar system(and some stars like Betelgeuse and Sirius) fighting with light sabers. so planet wars it is!

    though talia, you did make me laugh...those asteroids do look like baseballs and the light sabers could be bats, considering the boys' obsession with baseball!

    and Suzanne, you are very observant--the boys do have their daddy's eyes, according to Finn's family picture. i did not even notice!

    and Ellie, LOL, trying to get rid of both Kingsley and Owen?

    Lindsay--sometimes Finn goes as Finnley at school. Kind of funny. I did not even know he knew his real name. Ha.

    and thanks to all for your kind words.

  11. you're not alone...no pets allowed in my house! they do not belong there! :)

    and i'm not too crazy about puzzles either!