October 26, 2010

I laughed til I cried.

We went to my parent's house this Sunday and somebody put this wig on Twain.

At first, he could barely see and he went
flying across the room at light speed straight into the arms of my friend Kristen. He thought she was me.

The look on Twain's was priceless. He looked so bewildered...like "what's so funny guys?"

And I laughed til I cried. I have not laughed that hard in a while.
Kids truly are at the mercy of their parents.

Everyone was laughing at him and he was so confused and pleased at the same time. He wanted to be happy.

And in case you've ever wondered what a girl of mine would look like...

p.s. i love his little pinky.


  1. That is so funny! I think I almost laughed till I cried!

  2. Those are precious moments. I have a picture like that of Nate, I think I'll have to find it. Twain is so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hilarious! He's still adorable with that mop top. My mom had a wig like that when we were little! And I have a feeling (or at least I hope) you would style your girl's hair a little differently ;)

  4. how is he sitll cute with that wig on? That is so funny!

  5. oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i die!!!! laughing laughing and smiling SOOOOO big over here :)

    i love this.....he is SOOO cute!!!!

    you have to make a halloween costume outta this!!! hehehe

    and davi - i'm pretty sure a daughter of yours would be the most radiant little chicadee EVER!!!! twain channeled that well :)

    keep these photos for his hs graduation!!! priceless!!!

  6. omg, i laughed too.

    thanks for sharing these hilarious photos

    the pinky is irresistible!

  7. LOL these pics are hilarious of him in the black wig. Your boys are soooo cute.

  8. So cute! Those are going to be great pictures to break out and embarrass him someday!

  9. I'm dying over here. These pictures are HI-LAR-I-OUS!!!