November 30, 2010

princess cake and crown

One of my dearest friends was having a birthday. She is very sparkly and girly, so I thought it would be super fun to throw her an obnoxious pink princess party.

Bright, gaudy pink with lots of sparkles.

First things first, I needed to make her a pink felt crown.

As I am wandering the aisles of Joanns, I have a little change of heart and decide that I want the color pink to be a lovely shade of dusty rose, rather than bright pink. If I am going to make something, I may as well like it, right?

The pink felt options at Joanns were dismal at best. There was a bland tired baby pink, a magenta/purplish pink and a bright bold neon pink. They all pained my eyes. I wandered the aisles in search of something...anything....

After debating and debating, I decided I would use light grey felt and bedazzle it with pink gems.

At home I traced a crown template on butcher paper and cut out 2 pieces of felt and sewed them together. Added some gems.

The results were disastrous. I HATED the crown like poison(don't have a pic, sorry). It looked cheap.

I revised my crown sewing techniques a bit and opted for a flower on front instead of wild random gems everywhere. I also sewed some green velvet ribbon on bottom and added just a few gems.

Moving on to the cake! I was originally planning to buy a Wilton crown mold. They did not have it at Michaels, but they did have one of those Barbie mold cakes...Hm...I could make the Barbie into a princess. It took me forever to decide on frosting colors of course. No beautiful dusty rose anywhere. Just bright pinks. I decided on burgundy and would accent with lighter pink.

The day before the party I set out to make the Barbie cake.

I was a tad skeptical that my cake would resemble the cake on the box. Remember my McQueen cake? Cake decorating is not my forte.

I plunged ahead. Here is the cake after I took it out of the mold. I am MOST excited about the cooking rack underneath. It's new. I love it.

Right away my cake was lopsided and I had to shave off a bit to make the bottom level. Quite the wreckage ensued--Here is all the cake I had to cut off.

The Barbie for the cake mold had long sandy blond hair. The birthday girl has a platinum blond bob. Barbie needed a hair cut. And some highlights, LOL. John was like, "you know her hair isn't real, right? you can't dye nylon".

I plopped Barbie into the cake wreckage to support her weight and began hacking off her hair. Right in the middle of all this, my dear friend Alisha rings the doorbell, to help me, bless her heart.

She helped give our princess Barbie a beautiful hair cut. We were pleased.

Then, Alisha got to work on dyeing and rolling the fondant. I kept making her add more brown dye to the burgundy(which looked pepto pink to me). Alisha thought I was crazy to keep adding more brown dye. She thought it would turn the pink to tan. But she humored me, because she's awesome.

I must admit, Alisha is a total natural when it comes to cake decorating. She pretty much saved the day. She did everything with the fondant.

We were having so much fun and laughed a lot.

I helped with some of the icing. Gosh I look so serious. I love how Finn was fascinated in the background.

After the cake was made, it sat precariously on my kitchen counter. Finn started to pretend to shoot it with a vacuum extension and I quickly whisked the cake onto the fridge for safekeeping. My house was too dangerous for this cake!

Barbie needed a crown to turn her into a princess. I used my cricut to make the crown.

Well that was fun. I think I need to take some photos of Calvin in his tough black cast just to balance this out;)


  1. how awesome is that cake and crown!!'ve out done yourself again!!

    want to see pics of calvin and his cast :)

  2. that was such a fun party. you did such a good job! both of your hairs look beautiful in these pics.

  3. D, that is the most beautiful cake ever! Both little girls are staring in amazement. I suspect I'll have to make an exact replica in March, lol. Send your friend down here! And the crown is gorgeous as well!

  4. Awesome work D! It looks amazing! Both the cake and the crown---where on earth did you get these skills?!

  5. SO FUN to see such a girly and pretty-pink-things post here in the midst of band of brothers. :)

    you girls did an AMAZING job. It's perfect! and so very Angela! I'm sure she just love love loved it. what sweetie-pies you all are.

    if I ever need to make a birthday crown, I know who to ask for advice now. :)

    speaking of birthdays, did you know I STILL have YOUR little birthday giftie in my possession? how is it that we haven't seen each other in SO long? no wonder I miss you. we shall have to remedy that soon.

  6. Stunned! Don't know if I could do that if I tried. Awesome job!

  7. ok. thats it. what other talents do you have hiding up your sleeve.......cake decorating? and at its FINEST, i might add :)
    but seriously davi, your talents are overflowing - you have been blessed.

    make me a cake.
    i'm hungry - nursing always makes me hunggggggggggggry.

    heart u!

  8. that cake is so awesome! great job!

  9. that crown turned out amazing!! And that cake! I think that's the best barbie cake I've seen, I ALWAYS wanted one of those growing up lol!

  10. you are adorable. and the crown and cake are perfect! youre such a great friend!

  11. Davi-
    This is totally unrelated, but can you tell me the name of the book you mentioned a while back? I think it was about parenting. Yu mentioned keeping a gentle voice while dealing with disobedient children. Thanks alot!

  12. What an awesome friend you are. The cake looks amazing! Have you seen the new Cricut cake decorating machine? Oh my, I think I need that...even though I don't make cakes. It makes me want to! :)

  13. Hi Amber! My favorite parenting book is "Don't Make Me Count to Three" by Ginger Plowman!" I need to read it again!

  14. YIKES how did it take me so long to see this?! AMAZING!! I love you girls, I loved all the girlishness, and I stand amazed by the cake!! I may or may wear the crown around my house from time to time and make my boys call me "Princess Mommy" =)

  15. OMG! Too cool! I like grown up princess party waaaay more then kiddy princess party!

  16. So, so, so cute! I LOVE the crown!