March 3, 2011


Hello dear blog friends,

Lent is coming soon. March 9th.
Last year I gave up blogging for 40 days.
This time, I thought I'd try something different.

For 40 days, I plan on blogging with the comments section disabled.
Yep. Blogging in silence, with no comments.


To be completely honest, it's partly because the nature of blogging is starting to confuse me and this is the only way I know how to respond at the present time.

A few days ago, A girl I never met, yet deeply respect, wrote a blog post, that sent ripples though blog land. It definitely gave me something to think about regarding the nature of blogging that I have never even thought about.

And now she is walking away from blogging. I really like this girl and think she's 'spot on' regarding certain negative aspects of blogging. I wish my blog was immune to these things...but I think it would be unwise for me to assume that I cannot be effected. After all, I do not blog in a bubble of isolation!

I do not plan to pack up my little band of brothers and leave the blog world just yet.

But, I do want to think more and make sure I'm blogging for the right reasons.

I really want to hear God's voice more clearly. So I am turning off the comments section to free my mind from distractions. To know in my heart that as I blog, I am not trying to seek approval from others. I sincerely want to live my life in the hopes of pleasing God and bringing him the glory. And this is the only way I know how to do that for now.

I do not think that the 'comment section' is wrong. A lot of time, it can uplift the downtrodden or celebrate a happy occasion. Other times, it's just plain old fashioned fun. No harm in that. Obviously it depends entirely on your heart's motive when publishing a post.

For example, here are some things I am pondering of late.

1)Say I came up with a fabulous new craft idea and wanted to share it on my blog. Am I sincerely sharing it for the benefit of others? Or do I subconsciously want to gain praise and make a name for myself? Bleh. That does not sound delightful. That's not what I want. At least, I don't want to want that.

2)Or even more confusing...what if I want to share something wonderful that God is doing in my life. Am I doing it in a positive manner, to shine my light before men so they will praise my father in heaven(Matt. 5:16)? Or am I just like a Pharisee, doing everything for all men to see(Matt 23:5)? Double bleh. That sounds horrid. I certainly don't want to do that.

I really want my heart to be sincere and in the right place. That's all that really matters. But even as I write this, I am shaking my head--everything I am writing sounds "right", but there are still so many times when my heart is in the wrong place. It is as evil as the next: Jeremiah 17:9 "The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure, who can understand it?"

Yes, that very verse was in my bible reading this very day. Ironic.

My funny little niece, Emily, claims "to be the chief of sinners". So is her auntie, unfortunately. Please don't think that I am writing these words here, thinking my heart's motive is pure. Ha, that would be the worst conclusion you could draw from this post.

I am not here to judge the motives of your heart. Many of you have become dear friends. I sincerely love you from the bottom of my heart and I only want what is best for you. I am not pointing any fingers. The only finger I can point is at my own face.

And what is best for me right now is to turn off the comments... write something with absolutely no expectation of hearing anything in return. read my Bible that day and make sure that hearing HIS voice is all that is needed, period.

I will miss hearing your sweet little voices. Any time you took time of out of your day to say something was always greatly appreciated. I still plan to pop by and say hello on your blogs.

I hope to cut down on my computer time though. I can't wait to play outside more with the boys. To read more Bible stories with them. To show them more of the real world.

At the end of lent I will re-evaluate where God wants this little blog of mine to go.

SO next post I write will start the silence.
This is my little way of pulling my blog out of the commotion and into seclusion and quiet for a bit.
p.s. I know that blogging can be very light-hearted and nonsensically fun, in a good way. I have written my share of silly things and I don't plan on being Miss Serious Pants all the time. And there will likely still be little drawings from by boys and sweet little things they do. However, at the same time, I don't want to give the impression that I am only about silly things. God is so important to me and I want you to know that too! I realize I am just a girl and that I have no business being up on some soap box ranting my views. That would be ridiculous. But, I would like to share what God is doing in my life.


  1. I love this idea. And I love you for being so desirous of having a heart that pleases the Lord, and the Lord alone.
    Blogging is such a wonderful thing in so many ways, but I think it has its many pitfalls too, something I've been thinking about as well. I blog for the sake of memory, or so I always say, a place to keep tucked away our lives as they are right now in this moment. But if I'm honest, I WANT people to comment, I want to feel there's someone out there reading what I'm saying and liking it. it's true. Now you've really got me thinking, Miss Davi. :)

    your dear little blog, and more specifically, you and your wonderful family, have been such a blessing to me, and I hope you'll be around here in the ol' internet for a long time. I know I would miss you in blogland. But, I respect whatever decision you and your heart make and cheer you on in your thoughtful journey! I hope it's a big blessing to you, and I know you'll glorify Him. love you.

    ps. the trader joe's bag on the head is perfect. hehehe.

  2. Popeye and I have always butted heads on the purpose of blogging. While I have always been of the view point (for the most part) that women do it to stay in touch, share ideas, document fun things our kids do or say, or just seek advice or guidance, he sees it as something that can quickly turn ugly and narcissistic if you don't guard your heart. He always reminds me, "Ask yourself why you are posting it before you post it... Ask yourself why you want someone to read it." I've really tried to guard my heart in blogging (hence the reason I take 6 month hiatuses all the time) but I've also learned I've had to guard my heart in reading blogs. I have to be careful not to judge myself that I'm not as crafty/well dressed/put together/domestic/Godly as someone else. I know that is just as unhealthy as blogging with a sinful heart can be.

    I love reading and catching up on you and your boys... and I do hope you continue blogging. And sharing your lovely crafts. And your adorable home projects. I would miss you if you went. But I love how desperately you desire for your heart to be pure and striving only for Jesus.

    Love you, friend! Thank you for sharing this.

  3. oh davi, this is a fabulous idea.
    along with all my other crazy thoughts lately, i, too wonder where my heart is. but as i just read in Talia's comment, I DO want people to comment, I want to connect and relate with them. Sometimes, life is so crazy, I crave some good mommy/wife/womenly talk, and there's no time to have those connections in the internet comes in to fill that desire. commenting feels like conversation. HOWEVER, it's no replacement. it doesn't fulfill what I believe the Lord created as true communion with other believers. face to face, conversation, hand in hand or a hug, or a smile.
    you've challenged me to meet my desires not through the internet, but rather, seeking out spending more time with Godly women, in person.
    thank you davi.
    please don't disappear from blogging. but please do what you feel the Lord is calling you to :) and i know you will. you'll see the Lords hand in this 'moment' of silence. and you will continue to seek it.
    rock on miss davi.
    rock on.

  4. Your one of my favorite people in the whole world.

    I look up to you so much and it just delights me to see a new post of yours up!!!!
    pleeeease dont leave us..hahaha.

    I love comments...hmmmm.

    you rock.

  5. Hi I'm Kelly I stumbled upon your blog this evening. It has been a crazy day. Running around with my soon who we thought might of broken his foot. He didn't thank God! But while driving my guy around from here to there all I wanted to be doing was be at home on my computer. What???
    My blog was supposed to be a fun little outlet I started at the start of the year, and has turned into an obsession of sorts for lack of a better word. I was having a lot of the same thought you wrote going through my head today. You are so right we need to do things that bring GLORY TO GOD.
    I need to read this today. I don't want to let life pass me by. I am believer that there are no accidents.
    Thank You!
    Wishing you a Lent full of love & spiritual growth.
    Have A Blessed Easter.

  6. Davi, I admire your not just striving to please the Lord but actively DOING what pleases the Lord. Sometimes it is easy to talk the talk but never walk it. I understand ALL these pitfalls and I was just thinking to myself how dumb I start wondering if anyone has "commented" on a post on my own blog. ( I feel so much the same way about Facebook...and have largely opted out of that as well.

    I just learned in my bible study this week that a hypocrite is someone who works for the approval of others....a holy person is one that is only concerned about being pleasing to God. convicting! That hit me to the core!

    I am inspired by you and what a fantastic way to just write freely out of the precious life God has given, without the burden of anything. I am resolving to follow in your footsteps and trust God to take my words where He deems necessary!

    Blessings Girl!

  7. I go back and forth and feel this way a lot too. It takes me forever to post sometimes because once it's out there in blogland, there's no taking it back. Sure you can delete the post but someone's read it-plus I'm not sure it's ever really deleted.

    Wrote a post a while back about "giving the best of our time". God put on my heart that I was giving the best part of my day to blogging instead of with Him and my husband. I had to take a break. As with most of the things we encounter in life, blogging's not inherently bad, but can become so if we let it consume us. I pray God speaks volumes in the Lenten silence!

  8. WOW I absolutely loved your post, and your heart, but I am also loving peoples responses! So honest and thought provoking. I love how you can lighten peoples spirits while still bringing depth to our conversations. You are quite a gem miss Davi.

  9. Hey Davi :) Just wanted to say good for you and may God be glorified! I don't know if you read something I posted awhile back but I have pondered similar things and think it is so wise for us to evaluate often and with sober judgment of ourselves! I pray this time is awesome for you :) Also, I just saw that I'm on your link list and then only a couple down.. is in the world do you know Alyss?! She was my SIL's roomate in college, turns out she also knows another random not connected to my SIL friend of mine, a photographer in SD. So funny when someone so random pops into your blog world! Crazy small world we live in :) Happy Lent and Happy pursuit of wisdom!! :)

  10. I love this! Such food for thought. Thanks lady!

    P.S. I love reading your blog whether I can leave a comment or not!