February 27, 2011

Calvin's theory

My Calvin Jack is a peanut. A little hobbit, if you will.

And he is keenly aware of this fact, though we never point it out to him.

You should have seen the look on his face when he realized younger brother Ollie had caught up to him in height. "Oh NO!", Calvin cried in dismay. "Ollie is as tall as I am!"

While we were driving in the van the other day, Calvin gave an explanation of his short stature:

"I must be getting old...like Yoda...I'm shrinking. That's why I am so little."

I about choked when I heard his shrinking theory.

Take heart dear boy. You have plenty of time to grow. With your 5' 9" father and 5' 2 3/4" mother, you will soon tower over them all.

(Just in case you are wondering, YES, every quarter inch counts round here. With that extra 3/4" on my frame, I pack a formidable figure).

Calvin, you have more steel and courage packed into that body than I ever thought possible!

Ok, just one more Stars Wars picture for now.

I found this drawn on the back of Finn's school work.
It's from Episode II, where Count Dooku defeats Obi-wan and Anakin, leaving them in a bloody heap on the floor. Meanwhile, Yoda fights back and they duke it out by shooting blue lightening from their fingers.

Just a nice little picture to sweeten your dreams.

Night night!


  1. hey girl. what email are you talking about?

    you were saying you felt regretful about an email and didn't want to come off wrong-feeling like people would think you wanted to get complements?


  2. That is adorable. He is so smart to even make that connection! And the Star Wars drawings are too cute- have you framed any of them? They are so creative.

  3. Davi,
    I know I asked you this the other day, but the post was removed so I thought I'd ask again. Where is that green shirt Twain is wearing in the banner photo from? I love it. Don't you think it would look sweet with a little skirt?

    I love all the Star Wars drawings! I so look forward to the day Axel starts expressing himself through artwork.

  4. Haha, I was totally cracking up when you threw the 3/4" in there. I think you should just round up :)

  5. Chelsea--So sorry for the confusion! I sent you an email at CRPHOTOS223@GMAIL.COM. Did you get it?

    I did not feel regretful about the email I sent you!

    I just regretted the earlier post I wrote, so that is why I took it down! that's all:)

    Amber--So sorry about that. Twain's shirt is from Lucky kids. I got it on clearance a year ago, right before they went out of business. Maybe they have it on ebay?

    Meghan--I have not framed any, though I am sure he would love to have some framed for his room, since they are all plastered all over his walls!

  6. oh, my soul..lol..your boys are so funny!

  7. So precious. I love the new blog look. And hello, that wallpaper wall? Amazing! LOVE!

  8. What a cutie! LOVE how his brain works... so creative!

    I need to watch Star Wars. I feel like I'm the only person on the planet who has no clue what of any of these dark vadar yoda business means.

  9. Calvin's little bent ankle in that last photo...gah! So precious.

  10. oh davi. i know nothing about star wars, and, i'm assuming you used to be quite foreign to it as well..........however, i LOVE how you've embraced starwars to the fullest. you such a sweet momma miss davi :)