June 26, 2011

look who's hair is getting long

It's the "B" models, Calvin and Twain!

I don't know if Calvin's hair has ever been THIS long. Wow.

Um, I think I love it. Even if he can barely see through his bangs.

And Twain is starting to get some shags too. Though in this picture it's more like a wing.

Ok, here we go. Here is his little shag starting to come out.

His hair is too long and his pants are too short, haha. Just standing there, minding his business.

He totally reminds me of Mortimer Mouse in this picture.

Poor thing has no idea. Totally at the mercy of his parents. He thinks he looks swell and is happy as can be.

Ok, just had to show you these pictures because they amuse me.

I had a very FULL week, and threw TWO parties over here in ONE week. That is a record for me. As soon as I get a chance I will show you some of what I've been up to.