June 21, 2011

naughty baby

This is a picture of a naughty baby that would not sleep tonight.

Ollie and Twain would not fall asleep tonight in their room, so John threw Twain in the pack-n-play in our room to fall asleep.

And I walked into the room a few minutes later, only to find the happiest baby alive. Or most naughty.

He looked up at me and giggled.

I tickled him. And he beamed at me. These are the moments I cherish. I grabbed my camera.

It was pretty dim in my room, so I used my flash, and thought to myself "this is gonna be one of my favorite pictures of Twain, regardless of the lighting".

Cruddy pictures. Gotta love them. A lost dying art in this day and age of fancy digital cameras.

Remember the pictures our parents took?(Hi mom and dad. You took GREAT pictures;)

These are the memories that I'm gonna look back on with the biggest smiles. Not the perfectly posed pictures.