June 16, 2011

we bonded

Yoda and I...

...over the frosting of his deep soulful eyes.

I had NO idea what type of cake to make til the day of the party, no lie. All the cakes looked SO complicated. Then I stumbled across the Yoda head. Simple. Just bake two 8" circles--use one for the head and cut pointed ears from the other.

Off to Micheals with 4 boys in tow, while I debated over fondant versus frosting.

My boys were like bulls in a china shop. Fondant or frosting?..fondant or frosting?...fondant or frosting?....I could not even THINK!

Went with frosting, as you can see.

When Finn told me he wanted a birthday party, I just figured we'd invite a few neighbor kids and call it good.

"But mommy, I already told some kids at school they were invited to my birthday party", Finn explained.

Oh dear.

"Ok honey, but I need you to make up the invitation, ok?", I requested.

Put this boy to work! And work he did! Here is what he came up with. I helped with the finishing touches, of course.

I will definitely be using Finn's services in the future. So convenient and adds a nice personal touch, dontcha think?

The part about carrier pigeons on the bottom of the invite is not
too far off base. My neighbors and I send written messages back and forth to each other through our pigeons...err...kids...all the time.

Here are some of our lil' carrier pigeons.

While the boys were running around like wild mashuganas, Libby and Jordan were behaving like proper little misses.

They were doting on Ollie and Twain and it warmed this mama's heart to pieces.

Our wild little party animals.

John demonstrating our first game of 'pop your neighbor's balloon'. Yikes. Only a guy would select this nerve-jarring game.

This balloon is supposed to represent Yoda, k?

The kids had a blast. Plum tuckered them out with all that running.

Some dear friends.

Zach and Finn go to church together. And have been friends for a while.

Liam is a classmate from school and was the life of the party!

These twins have been with Finny since kindergarten and sadly are moving away:( One of these boys wrote in Finn's card that Finn was his best friend. Too sad and sweet.

With two charming little misses.

Not so sure how to handle all of this, ha.

Libby and Jordan hit it off. So happy they had each other for the night!

Jordan and Finn have known each other since they were babies. She's SUCH a girl, but she brought her light saber to the party. Kills me.

She accidently left her light saber here and I found this attached note, the next morning.

The birthday boy and his cake.

Just had to include Twain and his high waters. Love it. Makes me smile every time.

I am so blessed to have this EIGHT year old boy in my life.

Eight? Wow. The years are flying. I could lament. Instead I am just gonna try to be grateful and cherish these sweet years.

I love you Finn and thank the Lord that you are the leader of our little pack. As your little brothers follow you, I pray that you will follow Jesus with all your heart. Happy Birthday dear boy!