October 12, 2011

eating my words

For the last few years, I have been using my pink flip-top razor cell phone with PRIDE.

I distinctly remember a friend once scoffing, "My 8-year old has a nicer phone than you do!"

Which made me feel even more pleased my ancient relic of a phone.

"Why, we could be in a museum!", I'd tell my phone.

Because I'm a bit of a dinosaur too, I suppose. If it were not for John, I would still be using a typewriter rather than a computer. I did not even learn to use email til I was in college, when my prof forced me to.

And texting? Oi.

My friends are lucky if they get much of a response at all from me. They will text me looooong messages, to which I'd respond with a short "ok!" or "sound good!" if I was feeling extra fancy. Because with the razor, you have to punch the button 3 or 4 times to get to the right letter.

Yet still, I defended my razor with everything in me.

Poor phone froze every time I tried to take a picture. I would just pop out the battery, put it back in, and turn the phone back on to revive it.

It would run out of batteries pretty quickly, cut out during conversations and even freeze if someone sent a message that was too high-tech, ha.

My friends would always tell me it was time to update.

Of course, I refused.

Until the other day, John resolutely informed me. "I am updating our razors to iphones. It's only $30 more per month."

"But honey", I said, "we don't need to spend our money on that! What a waste! I'm just fine with my razor".

"Ok you can keep your old razor, but I'm updating to an iphone. I am getting the new iphone 4. If you want, you can get the older iphone 3 for free."

Hm. Free? Hm...

See ya later razor!

A day or 2 later, Mr. Fed Ex man came by and made me sign for a package. "It's a phone!" he said.

"Oh." I replied and dumped the box on John's desk.

I did not open the box. I figured it was John's phone.

When John got home, he opened the box.

"Your phone is here!" he announced.

"Oh" and I went along my merry way. To myself I snickered, "Poor John. He wanted the phone much more than I did...and mine came first."

I went about my business for the rest of the day.

"Aren't you curious about your phone?" John asked, playing with it.

"Not really", I replied.

As a matter of fact, it did not even register the faintest "blip" on my radar of things of importance that day. I could not care less.

John started asking me what type of cover I wanted for my phone, as he surfed the web for options.

Sigh. Do I have to look?

"I don't care...something yellow maybe?" But the yellow was too bright. "Don't they have anything vintage?", I asked.

"You want a vintage iphone?" John mocked. Actually? Yes. Yes I did.

I settled on a pretty green-ish blue case and face-booked this remarkable landmark decision. Because that is what fb is for. And had this conversation with one of my dearest darlings.

Lisa showed me the DIY cross stitch case.

Oh me likey!

Sadly, it only works for the iphone 4.

"Honey, do you want to trade your iphone 4 for my iphone 3 so I can get this cross-stitch case?" I asked politely.

To which he politely replied, "no thank you!"

As I crawled into bed that night, John handed me my iphone, all set to the Rapunzel soundtrack.

Ahhhh. John knows me too well. I instantly perked up, as the music played.

I started pushing buttons and sliding gizmos. John even synched our calenders.

SEE? We are having Spagetti for dinner tonight!!!!!

I was 100% completely sold. {Even though Lorie previously told me how nice it was to have a calender...I immediatly shot her down, of course.}

So. To each and every one of you who tried to convince me of the iphone. I was WRONG. You were RIGHT. I am eating my words. Humble pie never tasted so delicious. I heart my new iphone. It's like a little piece of candy and it's magical. I can say without any reservation whatsoever that I never ever want to go back to my razor.

Yes, I'm fickle like that.

Kinda like how I said, "I'm not gonna cave to the Missoni conspiracy at Target! Hmph!"

But how cute is this box? So cute. I had a little gift card to Target and could not resist picking up this little number. It fits my camera perfectly.

And I cannot WAIT to get to use my iphone camera just like ya'll do when updating facebook status straight from Disneyland. If I can ever figure out something like that.
And on a completely random note...Finn likes to wildly push a madly grinning Twain in this honkin' dump truck.
The other night, Finn fastened Twain with this nifty seatbelt...

Furthermore, for extra safety it has a 2-point safety harness.

Just thought I'd share.

And now, it's almost time to make some spagetti.