October 26, 2011

little joseph

I had a horrid sinus infection for 3 weeks straight that left me completely debilitated. I basically sat on my couch and cried because I could barely watch my kids.

So that's why no blogging lately. I figured you did not want to hear about all the various shades of snot....

So I'm totally behind on life. And pretty overwhelmed by it all. I'm just kind of pathetic lately and can't seem to do much without falling apart.

But my sinuses have been much more manageable lately and I have been feeling much better, so I am so very very thankful to the Lord.

And it's a good thing, because I got better just in time to finish planning a very special baby shower. I will have to tell you more about that later.

In the meanwhile, let's talk about something else.

Tonight at Cubbies was "dress up as a bible character" night.

I just so happened to have a colorful striped button down shirt. Remember it from my Hume pics? Looks just like a coat of many colors.

Well, I put this 'coat of many colors' on Ollie, so he could be Joseph.

In case you cannot tell, he was pretty ticked about being Joseph.

In fact, he whined and complained incessantly that we was NOT Joseph and insisted that he was a kitty.

Ollie and Twain are obsessed with orange kitties. They are going to be kitties for Halloween. When I was sick as a dog with my sinus infection, I found these "kitty" costumes at Target for them.

Target did have real kitty costumes. But they were black. And my boys like orange kitties.

I figured they would not notice that they were cheetahs.


I was sick.

And my mom once put stuffed white tights on my head as a kid and called me a bunny. Fair is fair.

Anyhow, I bribed Ollie with treats to be Joseph for the night, because I think he looked cute.

That's much better Ollie. Smiling for mama.

My sweet little Joseph.