November 2, 2011

halloween for us.

Oh Halloween! This year you kind of took me by surprise.

I napped til 5 o'clock that day(it was glorious, btw) and was like "Crud! It's Halloween in an hour!"


"I have not made dinner yet!"


"Where are the boys' costumes?"

Kids starting knocking on the door for candy and I hid in my bedroom in shame while John answered the door to the trick-or-treaters. And handed them each a rollo because I forgot to buy candy.

Twain was the only one interested in getting dressed up at that point, so there are a whole slew of photos of him. I was not consciously trying to favor him over the other children, really.

Here we are getting ready.

As mentioned before, the lame target kitty{cheetah} costumes were only $5. But if you coulda only heard me squealing with giddiness. I was completely smitten by this kitten.

And then he got dressed. And I died again. Squeal. Kitty. Cute.

He's my baby. What can I say? There's just something about a kid in a costume. Kids are just cute, no matter how pathetic the costume.

And Ollie. Oh Ollie. You gave me a run for my money that night.

Remember fussing over your Joseph costume last week and saying you wanted to be a kitty?

Well, it's time to be a kitty and now you are crying hysterically that you want to be a monster. You wanted to be a silly monster with a light saber and were so so upset to be a kitty.

Too bad kid. I forced you. And you were cute.

And the next day when Halloween was over. Guess what? You wanted to be a kitty. Fickle boy.

But in all seriousness, aside from the costume aversions as of late...Ollie has been blowing me away. He has been completely pleasant lately. He was doing so well with Miss Margie in {private}speech lessons, that she graduated him. He's still in speech preschool. He has been talking up a storm. Playing well with others. I don't even know what to say I am so speechless by his overall new little self. It's like the light bulb just clicked on for him and he just gets life now.

And then there is Twain.
My word.
He has been a complete surprise package lately.
Throwing fits.
But wildly hilarious.
And naked all the time. Can't forget that.

Half the time I don't know whether to laugh or cry from him. He's unlike the others and I don't know what to do with his naked little self. Streaking through the halls in my wedge heels. Running out the door naked(well, with one boot on) to the bus-stop so everyone can laugh at his antics, while his mother turns beet red.

Staying up til midnight chatting and reading his library books.

John and I just look at each other and smile. We know how fast these weeds grow up and we are just enjoying this 4th little boy of ours.

Calvin. He's not a storm trooper. He's a clone trooper. Captain Rex. I let the boys be whatever they wanted this year.

Seeing this discombobulated grouping of kitties with star wars makes me laugh.

Remember the old Davi who dressed up her kids all coordinated last year? Who was that girl? I don't know. I was super stoked to be a fairy though. And the boys loved being gnomes...even though we kinda got dubbed "the gnome family" like a bad habit that could not be dropped. You know how that goes. People still think I'm obsessed with gnomes. Which I am not. Just so ya know.

Pants are a little dirty, hm.

I think the neighbors put a sticker and tattoo on Calvin while I was napping.

Happy wild boys in their costumes.
Love the boys. Dislike their costumes. There was that last minute "oh i can make some cuter kitty costume from felt and headbands" idea...But I immediately forced myself to ignore that thought, tempting as it was. Simplifying life has been good for me and they{the children} like me better. I think. Maybe.