April 9, 2012

easter 2012

(the children, covered the yard in crepe paper)

This mama was feeling a bit minimalist this Easter, so our baskets were a little sparse. This was the year of Ninjago for Finn and Calvin.

Ninjago whowhenwhat?

Don't feel bad. If you are not a boy between the ages of 5 and 10, you are most likely clueless. A month or 2 ago I did not even know how to pronounce this Ninjago business.

There's a Ninjago movie my boys watch. The main stars are 4 young ninjas--Kai, Cole, Jay and Zane. These names crack me up, for whatever reason.

And there are Ninjago toys to buy--one of which is a game of spinjitzu, where the players try to knock the minifigure off the spinners. They are the bomb. Hot ticket item that flew off the shelves this year. I was lucky to get Kai and Jay.

Since Ollie and Twain are still into kitties{YAY!}, I bought them some tiny little stuffed kitties from Only Hearts Club--My sister Jessica told me about these teensy critters that rule her household...and now rule mine.

Twain and Ollie love their new Tux and Tabby. We have already lost and found them over 12437883 times. Cool.

For myself. I bought an easter lily of sorts...I saw them here and fell in love.

Let's see how long it takes me to kill them.

Then we headed up to my parent's house for easter and had the most lovely time. Hanging out. Eating. Talking. Drinking cream soda.

And of course, reflecting on our risen Savior. Who rescued us HELPLESS sinners. Even the most independent self-sufficient of us, could do NOTHING to save ourselves. For this I am forever grateful.

For some, this earth will be the closest they ever get to hell.
For some, this earth will be the closest they ever get to heaven.
-Quote by Lori Astle
(Mom from our church who lost her son in a motorcycle accident)

Which category do you fall in, hm?