April 16, 2012


so i have this window frame thingy...of sorts. i've been hanging onto it for quite a while, and have been meaning to do something with it.

i like it because it's falling apart and rickety.
john hates it because it's falling apart and rickety.

we played this game for a while.
i'd bring it into the house.
he'd sneak it back up to the garage or attic.
this went on for months.

it has three viable glass panes. the other 3 are busted out.
which i kinda like.
so....what to do with the 3 remaining glass panes, huh?
gimme some ideas. NOW.

HAHA. ok, so I was looking for some neato prints to put in them. there was this cool llama pic from urban's print shop...but yah. what else do i put besides a llama?
nothing was calling my name.
i found lots of potential ideas. but nothing that seemed me.

so i thought i'd just throw some family photos in the windows for now and if I ever found the right print, i'd replace them.
so that is the plan.

and i was messing around with the artistic photoshop cutouts and turned my pictures into...well..cutouts.
for lack of a better word.

this filter works better on some photos than others.
for example, i like the simpler silhouette side views best.

ollie came out best in my opinion.

i actually prefer the above pic in horizontal landscape to add more detail.john's tie looks nice and the mexico blanket cracks me up a little.

here is an example that did not work as well--so i did not print it. twain's mouth looks funny to me. and it's not really a silhouette. sooo.

speaking of mouths...mine completely disappeared here. but my belt looks cool and that's all that matters.

i kinda liked this one as a cartoon but i kinda look like i'm expecting...which i'm NOT.

another cartoon, appropriate for light sabers.

alriiiiiiiighty then.
thanks for amusing me.
and for playing along. you are such good sports.

p.s. i will be reading your blogs from google reader for now, so that's why my link list side bar is gone. sorry if this causes you any trouble. but i'm sure you will manage:)