April 4, 2012

the hunt for a lamp.

A few months ago, I started searching for a lamp. I had no idea what I was looking for. I had no taste in lamps.

No preferences. Whatsoever. No clue what I was doing.

There was one desk lamp at an antique store that turned my head...but it was the wrong color for the wall I needed. And besides, it wasn't for sale.

So I started looking on ebay and etsy.

After combing through literally hundreds of lamps, I impulsively ordered a gooseneck lamp from ebay.
When it arrived a few days later, I could not stop laughing. It was SO tiny and twerpy compared to the other desk lamp I had.

It was so cute though, that I just had to keep it. It was only 11" tall, as compared to the standard 17-18" lamps. I had no idea they even came that small. I vowed to pay more attention to measurements in the future.

It found its little home over a small box on the piano.
Over the next month, I looked on ebay and etsy almost every day to find a bigger lamp. No lie, this became my little "thing" to do each day. Finally, I ordered a friend for my little lamp. They have such personality, I am sure they are part human.

Perfecting their indifferent K. Stew pose.

Oh I love them.
They are my new babies.