May 24, 2012


1. my friends are way cooler than i am because they use hashtags. i just learned emoji a year ago and i'm already behind the times. so i decided to text them in hashtags alldaylong yesterday. #notamused and #i'mabigfatdork and #prettysuretheywantedtokillme.



2. my cacti that i love{d}so much. well...they morphed into monsters.


they are from the genus Graptopetalum. also called the ghost plant. #theyscareme and #whattheheck

tell me your favorite cactus genus/species, now. 

3. i'm obsessed with my new swiffer vac and will use it two times a day if possible. never mind the fact that it takes 12-18 hours to recharge. emptying the gunk from the filter is SO therapeutic and addicting. john is not a fan because the refill swiffer pads are 25 cents each; 50 cents a day if done twice; therefore $15 month. he prefers that i scrub on my hands and knees, because it's free.(#notgonnahappen #notcinderalla). He could SO be Dave Ramsey's son.

4. one of my darling dearests had a dr pepper the other day and so i was like "be a pepper, drink dr. pepper" and she had NO idea what i was singing about. neither did two of my other dear friends. when i told john, he kinda smirked at me as i said "i'm old?" and he nodded, "yahhhh".
so, this is dedicated to the young 'uns out there...the Dr. Pepper theme song of old:

or go here.

do not report back here til you can sing the last stanza of the jingle, with style.

So, I may not be able to hashtag to save my life, but at least i know the dr pepper song.

5. my sister Jessica and her pipsqueaks came to visit yesterday and it made me soooo happy. we take a picture of our visits in the same spot each time.

4 years ago.


3 years ago


now. 2012.

i wonder what this living room will look like next time.

we ate vanilla cupcakes with lemon frosting and watched one of my favorite kid movies, how to train your dragon. it's about the closet thing to a romance movie my boys will watch.

i literally stop whatever i'm doing when the dragon ride scene appears.


6. the bach is back on!yay!