May 14, 2012

our little tradition.

Here are my 4th annual mother's day photos.

Finn had his little heart set on having his photos done with Peach this time, but she was hiding in a very obscure spot. So obscure in fact, that we never found her til we returned home. Finn and I looked under every bed and couch and chair and nook and cranny to no avail. This made us a bit late(that, and a late dinner) and literally the sun was going down as we got there. So it was a quick one.

Um. These jeans are SUPPOSED to be skinny jeans. But my boys are apparently too slender for even the super skinnies. Twerps.

All of us together last year, as a comparison.

And here we are Mother's Day 2012. 

Not too much has changed outwardly, but our hair-- Calvin wins the 1st place prize for looking most different--he had a big hair cut this year. Twain comes in 2nd place because he grew more hair. And I'm in 3rd place because I have highlights.

Really though, Twain has probably changed the most. He has developed that 3-year old stubbornness, almost overnight. The two's were a snap in comparison to the three's, I predict.

Calvin's big change this year was going off to kindergarten.

Though these two appear the same as last year, don't let looks fool you.

Ollie is so much easier in every regard and for this I praise the Lord. We still have our days where he cries a lot(and fights a lot), but he seems to get over it more quickly. The crying fits are fewer and farther between. Hence I no longer feel the need to pull my hair out:) He adds quite the dynamic to our little band-o-brothers. Everything seems calm until he explodes upon the scene. I don't know how he rocks the boat so much, but he does. As challenging as that is at times, I think we all need to be shaken up a bit, to help us grow and become more patient and loving.

And Finn has definitely become more loving! So the Lord knew exactly what he was doing when he placed Ollie as the spirited 3rd born.  

Tweeds. You are crazy.

How I love these precious little boys that God gave me. I thank the Lord for them every single day and never ever take my title of "mom" for granted. Boys. You are loved with every ounce of my being!