January 24, 2013

let's talk about hair

It's been hair cutting week at our household. Everyone got their 'hairs did'.

I am the official hair cutter for John and the boys. It's a stressful job. The boys wiggle and I get all crankypants on them. But it saves so much money, that I feel like it's worth the hassle.

Because seriously. Boys need their hair cut every 4-6 weeks. That's like around $70-$75 dollars of savings right there.

I don't really know what I'm doing half the time. Sometimes my hair cuts come out good, other times...notsomuch.

I kind of like Ollie's hair in a longer messy faux hawk. But the back was starting to get wildly poofy. So I had to take action.

I'm totally legit with my little smock, scissor and clippers.

I did not end up using the clippers on Ollie. I only used the scissors on him this time.

It came out a little shorter than anticipated. It never comes out the same twice. But that is what you get when I am the barber.

This week, I was trying a new hair technique on John, per his instructions. He said, "Run your fingers through the top of my hair and snip up against your fingers so it's all the same length."

Sounded simple enough. And at first it was simple. 

Until I felt a "SNIP" right through my hand. I shrieked loudly.

I looked down and saw that I had snipped a v-shaped cut into my skin. I knew instantly it was going to be a bleeder. "Ok John, your hair cut is now over!", I said as I rushed inside to deal with my war wound. 

Poor guy sat out there befuddled. "Were you even finished?" he wondered.

"Um...I am now" I replied. Because that's what you get when I am the barber. 

I even got my hair done this week too! I am not even going to pretend that I know what's in style right now. 

Vogue and New York Times said that this famous model has the hottest new cut of the year.

I personally think she looks better with it long. But what do I know? I am scissor shy with my hair and never do anything too adventurous. I always had a short bowl hair cut as a kid. So.

Although you cannot even tell from this pic, I did get 1 inch cut off and it feels soooo much better.

I also get highlights put in.

You could not really tell from the above picture, but my roots were getting bad. See?

I get my hair done every 11 weeks. How often do you get your hair done?

I wash my hair every 2-4 days. Generally, I curl my hair the same day I wash it, as seen here.

As the days go by, my curls get looser. Which I actually prefer...at least most of the time. I use a hot stick. I got the biggest barrel I could find at the time, but I wish it were even bigger, so that my curls would be looser.

And I don't think you have met my padawan tail yet, have you? Well it's high time you guys were introduced.

My niece Hannah wove this embroidery thread through my hair last summer.

John and I affectionately call it my "padawan tail" because it reminds us of the tails that Anakin and Obi Wan had when they were young "padawans"...in training to be jedis:

I just found out today that they are actually called padawan braids.

And each time I go to the hair salon, I am in wild suspense over whether or not my hair dresser will cut my tail off. But it's still here.
The plan is to cut it off when it grows longer than my hair. Or when I can tolerate it no further. It will leave a clump of short hair when cut off.

Welp, that's about as wild as I get when it comes to my hair. When I was a kid, I really wanted red hair and would campaign with little signs all over the house. But mom said no.

What is the wildest thing you have ever done to your hair?


  1. Love the post about haircuts. My mom does haircuts for my 5 brothers, my dad, and a family friend. It would scare me to try it.

    This reminds me of John and Sherry Petersik/Young House Life/Love's DIY Haircut youtube video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpUg1zaFabQ
    You may not need it but if you haven't seen it... It's good.

  2. Your post was so timely! I've been watching videos on cutting men's hair because I'm going to start cutting my husband's (with the hope of cutting our children-that-we-don't-have-yet's hair). Alex is Jamaican by heritage though, so I've been reviewing tricks for thick black-men hair :) As for myself, I have a short pixie-ish cut and although I'd love to cut my own, I don't trust myself. It's been 6 weeks since my last cut, and I'm starting to get a mullet :)

  3. I cut my hair from waist length to a Sasson (shorter than Ollie's) all in one swoop! No one recognized me!

  4. Hey! I have been following you for a few months. Starting my own band of brothers here with 2 boys and pretty sure another one on the way. (Oh wait, make that 3 boys currently if you count the hubs). I love your blog, and have always loved your hair--wondering if it was natural curl or what. I'm not a wild and crazy hair person, outside of not washing it for days (I tell myself it's healthier that way, right?). But wanted to ask what size hot stick/barrel you use on your hair--mind sharing the brand?


    1. So glad you are here! Thanks for your kind words!

      My hair is fairly straight but does have some natural wave if I don't blow dry it--but very uneven--like half of it is wavy and the other half is not. So I either hair dry it straight or use my hot stick. I use the hot stick by hot tools. It's tapered. I think this is the one:http://www.discountbeautycenter.com/products2.cfm/ID/34878/name/hot-tools-black-and-white-nano-ceramic-clipless-tapered-curling-iron-grande

      The model # is crucial for size: HTBW1852. It's the grande size, I believe.

    2. sounds like my hair--thank you so much for the info!

  5. I cut my kids' hair too. I watched it done enough by our hair lady when we lived on the coast that I mostly feel confident enough to do it. But I really cut J's bangs short this last time and felt horrible, but she hasn't complained at all. E's hair is getting out of control again though and will need another trim soon. It seems like I just cut it! I used to due my hair myself all the time. I've had it short and spiked and tons of colors. Once an attempt at black in a gothic phase of mine (my parents never cared), it came out purple which was really embarassing since the high school I went to had purple as one if the school colors and school spirit was not exactly what I was trying to project. ;)

  6. I love your blog, I think I'm a first time commenter today ;). I love that you cut your boys hair. I cut my husband and sons hair too and it saves so much money! I'm glad that you gave some tips on your hair as well! I love your long curly hair, it's something I am working towards. I lost my hair 3 years ago to cancer and it's just now long enough to start curling like that. I always like seeing your pictures of you and your boys. You look so feminine with your long curls next to your sweet boys. It's beautiful! I'm going to check out that hot stick, I need some new curling techniques now that I'm back in the longish hair club! Thanks again!

    1. Oh Meg, thanks for popping by. You are the sweetest. My most heartfelt compassion for what you went through. I am filled with joy that you are able to curl your hair again.

  7. I'm really not very adventurous when it comes to hair. I have it long, about waist length and I've never dyed it (I love my natural colour too much!)
    The most crazy thing I've ever done to it was about four years ago and I had it cut from below my waist to a little below shoulder length. It took FOREVER to grow out and I'm never doing it again! I like having long hair - something to play with and style. Short is so not for me.

  8. I cut my husband's hair as well, but I am by no means as talented as you. I stick to the clippers and its all the same length. No blending, even tho he prefers it. Kudos to you for using scissors! P.S. I absolutely love the way you curl your hair. Thanks for sharing in the comments what you use :)

  9. My dad taught me to cut his hair when I was in junior high (he's not a barber either, just a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy) and I'm so glad he did because now I cut my hubby's hair, my daughter's hair and my sis-in-law's hair on a regular basis. Then I go to a friend/hair dresser and don't feel guilty getting a dye and cut :)

  10. Junior year of high school I had hair well down my back, prob the longest I have ever had it. Then one day I was hanging out with one of my best friends, a wonderful gay boy named Clint. He convinced me that I would look ah-mazing with a pixie cut. It was really cute in 1998. So I let him cut it. All of it. Until there was nothing left but a little pixie. And two ginormous eye brows. I had never tweezed before let alone waxed. Once I did my eyes looked a lot bigger.

    So I opened the door to my house after going from long locks to boy hair without telling anyone, and my Mom just looked at me. "Wow, you cut your hair." And that's all she said. She didn't get mad. She didn't yell. I think she knew I was secretly mourning my old cut but I had to pretend like I loved looking edgy and cool. She's a good Mama. I hope I get that from her- not to freak out over little things. She let me have ownership over the way I dressed and 'styled' myself. I think that's good.

    Anyway, you have my dream hair. My hair is longish now but for the life of me I can't curl it. I've tried my straight iron, curling iron, and a friends wand, but I always end up quitting half way through because it looks dumb when I do it. But that's my favorite style, long loose waves. Like yours :)

  11. will you teach me to cut my boys hair....i need to learn! I just bought a new curling iron today. I'm excited to try it out......and crazy hair....i've had it every length....and every color. even blue. yep. blue.

  12. Loving your lil' mans hair! I was just talking with my husband about my favorite style and trying to describe that exact style! I'll have to try it out on him:)
    Totally understand the inch off- having long hair is fun but you also need the 'fresher upper' cut. I've wanted a "padawan tail" (as you call it) for a long time now!!! That is so cute!

  13. girl, you crazy.
    and pretty.
    and i like your little rainbow rat-tail :)
    like, a lot.

  14. i think it's awesome that you cut your boys hair. i want to but i'm so afraid i will butcher it and we will have to shave my little guy's head. how did you learn?

    1. i learn by trial and error. i mess up a lot, but i figure it doesn't matter because it will all grow back in 3 weeks or less...and then I have get to practice giving another hair cut!

  15. My sister is way adventurous when it comes to hair. She let me cut her hair into all kind of wacky style when I was in high school and she was in middle school (thank goodness for nonjudgemental friends). Later, I learned to cut my husband's hair, but he likes it short with the buzzer. I still prefer using scissors to a buzzer, but I'm pretty confident with either method now. =)

    Once in a fit of boredom, my sister and I dyed my (naturally dark brown) hair a deep brownish auburn, but it came out (I kid you not) PURPLE. It was intense. Thankfully it toned down over a few weeks, and came to a pretty brownish with red tones.

  16. ok soooo.

    1.) i cut my sons hair b/c he screams and i dont want to have the hair salon go through all that drama. it is awful. i wish he had curly locks i would let it grow wild.

    2.) i am scissor shy as well :)

    3.) can i tell you how much i love your hair wrap! i want one now, i got all the stuff downstairs lol. not even kidding. ;)

  17. So is it bad that I'm not a fan at all of the hottest cut of the year?
    I am a fan of your hair though. Super cute.

  18. I wish I knew how to cut their hair! It's so expensive. My hair is like yours. I wash every other day, not much experimenting. I've never dyed it or cut it short. Maybe as I get older I will, but I have pretty healthy hair so I want to be careful. Hair loss runs bad in my family too. I lost a lot of hair after pregnancy. I did buy fake Jessica Simpson bangs a few months ago and love them! I can have bangs without the commitment.

  19. Your hair is amazing!!! And I love that you cut your men's hair too :) Did you look at any books or videos before you started?
    I dyed my hair, from about my shoulders down, hot pink. My mother flipped out, but thankfully I was away at college for this little adventure, so she didn't have to see it until Spring Break, at which time I was prepared to cut it off. So we're all happy :) I figure, it's hair, so it's not going to be permanent. :)

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