August 7, 2013

hello august

We reinstalled a new hard drive and my computer is now fixed! Hooray!

Then I realized that my entire list of Christmas addresses was GONE. And I about cried. So if you want a Christmas card{in December}, send me your address, mkay?

1. The end of July was horrid and I'm happy to welcome August. Not too sure what to share here at present. Let's just say that I was caught off guard by a situation and felt God telling me to FLEE. He said RUN 100 different ways...Anyhow, for whatever reason, I was having a VERY hard time obeying.
Partly because I was trying to be a people pleaser, and wanted to avoid any awkward encounters.
Partly because I was believing lies by the enemy that said "Oh it's not a big deal. You are fine and strong enough to handle this."
Partly because I'm hard-headed, stubborn and sinful.

I just begged God to help and He dragged me out of the situation and saved me. Because I was too weak to do it myself. And for this I'm so thankful. He enabled me to make the right choice, even though I was initially VERY SLOW at obeying. I can give Him all glory.

Through it all, I have become a different person.
Less judgemental. More merciful.
Yet more sure of what is right and true than ever. Because when I don't follow God's just makes my bones ache and misery ensues.

2. This weekend I went out of town to visit my little sister Lindsay, and to take pictures of her twinsies, James and Savannah.

We got to our location and started to set things up. James ended up taking a tumble and his face got all scratched up/bloody and his clothes were all dirty.

I snapped a few pictures of Savannah, hoping that James would rebound. But really, we were all too upset to continue, because James wasn't acting himself. It was just awful. So we headed to the urgent care instead, just to make sure he was ok. Thankfully, he was. So we will try to take twinsie shots again soon. Here are a few of Savannah.

This auntie is smitten by this baby girl.

She did not want to be by herself and reached out for auntie's hand. I, of course, melted. Can not resist her.

Looking worried without her buddy, James.

3. I spent the night at Lindsay's house and we went shopping the next day, to buy a particular sign.
Here's the story. My older sister Jessica bought this map sign.

My younger sister Lindsay saw Jessica's sign, and bought one for herself the next day.
I saw Linsday's sign at her house this weekend and then bought one for myself the next day.(Lindsay chipped in for my early bday present).

Only sisters can get away with such madness.

Not 100% where it's going yet. Maybe over my front room piano...Maybe not. We shall see.

4. I went back-to-school shopping.
For myself, of course.
Mama can't show up to the bus stop in rags, now, can she?
Boys don't even care about clothes. So.

I'm pretty sure every shirt I bought has some sort of metal stud. Gold dots. Drool.

I bought my first ever colored skinny jeans, so that is pretty exciting. I had been looking for coral/peach colored skinnies for AGES(at least a few days). I tried these coral/peachy jeans on at Forever 21 and fell in love. ( I've decided that it's called Forever 21 because it literally takes FOREVER to find what you want in that mongo huge store).

Then I took a picture of myself at home with weird lighting, and the pants looked flesh-colored. Horror! In short, I looked nekked.

I asked John and he said they looked fine....not nekked at all. It must have been the funky lighting. So they get to stay. Weeee! (You would not believe how hard it is to find a pair of coral/peach/orange colored skinnies when you are as short as I am).

I know it's ridiculous to buy sandals in August. But we still have warm weather here til November. And they were on sale. Could you resist? I could not.

5. I have been feverishly doing my exercises every day. Slowly I feel myself improving.

I cannot BELIEVE how much time/energy it takes to stay in shape. In the past, I gave up because my knees would get stingy.
Now that I stablilize my knees with tape, they feel SO MUCH better.
That tape is like $24. Yikes. So sometimes I keep it on, while running errands, so as to save money.
You would not believe the questions I get.
"Are your knees injured?"
"Did you just have surgery?"
And the stares. I'm like "Hello people. Look up HERE at my EYES! Not my knees". I mean, I finally know what it's like for all those busty girls;)

6. I've decided to homeschool Ollie this year(Finn and Calvin will continue at our elementary school).
Why am I homeschooling Ollie?
Because I feel like it's best for him. Not necessarily best for me, lol, but I just have that gut feeling telling me to give it a try.
Our elementary school just switched to all-day kindergarten and I just don't think Ollie and his teacher will survive each other. That's just a LONG day.
So I signed up with a great charter school to homeschool and they literally sent me home with boxes of curriculum.
I need something to store all of Ollie's school stuff.
I remember seeing some cool mustard-colored vintage metal file cabinets at our antique store!!! Must buy!

It's sad that I'm more excited about Ollie's school decor than I am in the curriculum itself--I feel like the black sheep of all home-schooling moms. But once we start, I'm sure I will get more interested in curriculum...


  1. I love the shots of Savannah. She's an absolute doll. Good for you on the exercise, keep at it. :) I homeschool my children as well. I am getting all of their stuff together as we speak before I leave For Tahoe on Friday. Good luck with it all, if you have any questions, I've been doing it for seven years now. I love homeschooling. Love it. Take care,


  2. Davi I love how open you are about your faith, its refreshing and encouraging!This year God has flawed me with how he answers pray and carries us through storms, but if we never share the storms how can we testify to how incredible he is! Thank you for sharing♥

    Homeschooling- my parents decided a couple years ago to start home schooling my younger siblings, they are so much happier, and they are such well balanced teenagers with a broad view of life. It was definatly a great decision for them and I'm sure it will make Ollie happy too!:)

  3. I want some colored skinnies, but haven't decided what color! I have some cute gray ones... but I need color in my life! Purple or teal maybe?

    Great that you're homeschooling! I plan on homeschooling Penny. I think it'll be good for him!

    Aaaaand I love that map.

  4. I've always wanted coloured skinnies, but I live in fear of buying them and then realizing that they don't go with ANYTHING in my closet. Maybe someday I'll just have to take a leap of faith. We'll see. ;) as for the mom had homeschooled my siblings and I for years, and we all love it. Best of luck!

  5. I am in see of your honesty and humor. You are a great mama! Skinny jeans are definitely hard to find, especially at the right price. And I'd love for you to come over and be my sudo sister for a weekend to help decorate my house. I think we have similar taste. :)

  6. I stopped giving Christmas cards a few years ago. Instead I give the money I would have spend on stamps and cards to charity. I figure it was a better use for the money and it made me pick up the phone, Skype and actually talk to more family and friends to wish them a Happy Christmas instead of getting a card from me.

  7. A friend of mine at church had some DARLING peach skinnies last year and as soon as I spotted them on her, the hunt was on for my own. The BR Outlet came to my rescue and had a pair on clearance in the spring. Now I just need that necklace you have up there ;-)
    My next pair were purple after seeing someone sporting a pair on TV. I was once a scoffer of colored skinny jeans, but have learned to embrace and LOVE THEM! :)

  8. I do so hope that James is ok! I can tell by his sister that they are a charmer little pare aren't they? Love the shots you got of her, so clear and perfect. she is going to be a heart breaker!
    Thank-you for your honesty and open heart... we all struggle from time to time and it is great to know we are not the only ones, and that God does see it through! Love your story.

    I think it's great you know Ollie's limits and your own. Homeschooling can be a great tool if used right. Be blessed and share with us your experiences with this!

    That sign is just way to fun and cute! I am going to have to make something up like that soon. You have a talent for finding secret decor treasures ya know that!... not to mention those outfits!! your killing me, those are darling! You are going to have to do a little fashion show with them on!:)

  9. I want to be your friend. I am positive we would get along. The fact that I'm just now finding out that you understand my short problems just sealed the deal ;) I'm excited for you in your homeschool adventures. I am 3 years from schooling our oldest, but I have totally been pinning schoolroom decor ideas. YIKES I am crazy. You'll do great I am are doing what is best for Ollie and God will equip you. So glad your computer is feeling better!

  10. oh by golly. your niece is the cutest! looks just like you gals. BEAUTIFUL!
    sorry for your rough july end. glad you are on to better august days ;)
    cute clothes.
    cute map.
    cute shoes.

  11. OMG your are so hilarious! I love reading your posts because they have the most random comments that make me literally laugh-out-loud. I just get your humor and look forward to your funny posts!

  12. you take THE most beautiful pictures girl. I need some tips fo sho. Also, I think it's great that your homeschooling Ollie because you know that he needs that. I would be terrified, but I'm sure you'll do great ;) (They say I have the gift of encouragement)

  13. Your nice is beyond words cute.
    I have that map. It was the last one and it was cracked in the back, so I asked if they give a discount in damaged goods. They did. 50% I did a happy dance right then and there...super awkward.
    I'm super glad I'm not the only one who goes school shopping for myself. Momma definitely can't show up in rags.

  14. You are adorbs and so is your niece! I think it's hilarious (and i'd be the same way) that you are so excited over the vintage metal file cabinets. I really wanted to buy some old lockers at my nearby antique mall and they were already sold! whaaaa! good luck with homeschooling. :-)

  15. homeschool say what!??? i want to home school. no joke. i spent a lot of time in pray about it and i know god keeps telling me no...i keep trying to change his mind lol i just i am just as stubborn and sinful as you :)

    praying for your school year!!! love the board! and photos ;)