November 11, 2007

Super Fun

No, you are not seeing double--I have posted 2 days in a row. I am outa control! Here's a little something I whipped up for Ollie last night:

This applique tee was very quick and semi-easy. The only trixy part was sewing around the edges. It was hard to see where I was stitching. I tried to use my mark-b-gone pen to trace where I should stitch, but all my pens were pretty much dead, and so I had to hold my breath as I stitched along the edges on my machine. I always forget to buy those pens.It came out fine regardless and was very inexpensive:
Lap-tee $2(on sale of course)
RIT dye $.50 worth
Fabric Scraps $.50 worth
Wonder Under $.10( few bucks for 2 yards--only used 2 little pieces-thanks for the wonder-under tip Lorie!)
Baby Boy $ Priceless!
Total: Around 3 bucks or so. Probably Less!(excluding baby of course)


  1. Awww, Davi, Ollie is so cute! He looks a little bit like Ansley! And his Superman tee is breathtakingly exquisite! Is that how you spell "exquisite"? Some homeschooling mom I am!

    Good work!

  2. You're so talented and Ollie is so cute! Great job! I used wonder under on Aubrey's bee costume too and I agree, stiching around the edges of the bee was the most difficult.

    Good for your hubby, recycling, but I agree, all that backwash is nasty.

  3. This is way too cute Davi. I was just disussing with my sis-in-laws yesterday how you are just way too talented, way too talented!

  4. Stinking adorable. I don't know where you even pull your ideas from. Do you have a secret extra part of your brain that we were all born without?!

    Oh well, at least I'm your friend, so I've been able to reep the benefits of your talents. :)

  5. Thanks guys. You are all so sweet and encouraging. Living here has brought out the crafty side, thanks to your inspiration!

    And Barbie, there are some new rules around here--no backwash allowed on these premises!

  6. I wanna buy one!!! Dang I miss living in Bakersfield, you should open a "" so I can shop online and since I know how you feel now about shipping costs I'll be sure to hold you accountable :-)
    Just kiddin! Sooo cute :-)